Apr. 19th, 2017

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We got an extension on one of the final papers, from 4PM Friday midnight Monday. The reprieve is nice, and I want to take advantage of it and get to bed early. But, those are hours I can spend getting more work done and finishing things sooner. Evaluation presentation tomorrow, practicum presentation Monday, Social Determinants presentation Tuesday night.

Still thinking - maybe overthinking - about what to do next. I really don't want to leave Kentucky, so that keeps me here or in Lexington. Working in rural health care isn't nearly as appealing as it was - it's hard for me to get excited about trying to improve the lot of a population that consistently acts against its own best interests. Despite my incredible dissatisfaction with my policy class, I'm still interested in the policy process. Unfortunately, we don't offer a policy-based doctoral track - but goddamned UK does, and in a DrPH program at that. Would I go back? If that's my best option, sure. Have to figure out a lot of things before I pursue anything else.


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