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Good grief, this fucking week.

The week kicked off with a misunderstanding that could have cost me some friendships.

Then it leveled off for a couple of days.

And then Thursday showed up. Woke up to a text from a dear friend, telling me that her husband had had a mental inquest warrant dropped on her a little while ago. This, of course, is not good. And I'm having some problems seeing the justification. He's emotionally manipulative (and, well, yes, takes one to know one), and I can't see this as anything but an attempt to hurt and/or control her.

Five hours later, we learned that Prince was dead. 2016 keeps on taking the best ones we have.

Three hours later, the first of two finals for the semester and I don't feel good about it at all.

Fuelling up this morning, "Highwayman" came over the store's PA speakers, and I kinda felt a little better.


Nov. 13th, 2015 09:29 am
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In a month, the semester will be over. I've got a week to finish up my parts of a couple of term papers. Biostats is still the source of all terror. But I think I'm going to be okay.

Tuesday was a new experience. One of my instructors from last year (and next semester) asked me to pinch hit for his undergrad class session. I enjoyed it, got to see some folks from last year's classes (including Adaline, who reminds me way too much of #1C), and marked it down as a pretty good experience. But not something I'd want to do every day.

Bought an iPhone 6 last night. My 4S's little issues weren't getting any better. The 6's form factor is going to take some getting used to. I'm already taken with the Touch ID feature. Need to get a new dice roller app, as the old one won't run on the 6 for whatever reason.

Off to Liberty in the morning. Mom's developed cataracts and really can't safely see to drive. Surgery in a few days to remove them, and Dad's working in Chicago until Monday, so I'm going to make sure Mom isn't immobilized while he's gone.

I think I've talked myself into getting a PlayStation 4. Well, Star Wars Battlefront has talked me into doing it. Trailers for The Force Awakens have turned the warm fire from FFG's excellent gaming products into a full roaring blaze. I am in. All in. Also, there are other games on the console, which I understand to be good.

Starting a Delta Green game Thanksgiving weekend. Getting some time with Shadow next weekend.

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So, this day.

During the afternoon Fantasy Craft game, I heard about Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, apparently due to a heroin overdose. I like Hoffman's work - he was menacing as all get-out in Mission: Impossible 3, and for cinematic whiplash, I'll watch him in Capote.

The game itself? Okay enough, but was lessened by a player overthinking just about everything. The other players did what they could, and we had fun, but ... well, what can you do.

Ben P and Chris M came over to watch part of the Super Bowl after gaming wrapped up. This is maybe the worst SB I've ever seen. Denver cannot get things together on either side of the line, and Seattle is just running away with the game. With two minutes to go, it's 43-8. Unbelievable. So much Manningface tonight.

An adventure began on this night, a few years ago. Started simply enough, an invitation to dinner. Things quickly got out of hand, and the next 90 days were a whirlwind. It ended poorly, but appropriately. And, in the long term, I won. I was reminded of who I was, and who I still am.
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Work continues on GenCon stuff. Would have been more productive tonight, but I left my USB drives at the office and had to return for them. Knocked a little bit of the energy off.

May have a short-term solution to my sleep problem. #1 Crush recommended something to me, and I'm going to look into it very soon.
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More busy-time at work. W&B are out for a long weekend (back Tuesday), so that's plenty of extra for SC and me. Two weeks until my vacation, though, so it'll all balance out.

Out stupidly late last night. Went out with some friends (birthday celebration). Shot pool (badly), then over to Rosebud. Loud and crowded, short on eye candy.  Had plans to continue the party tonight, but no joy.

Presently chatting with #1 Crush. Maybe heading to Louisville tonight anyway.
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So, Erin called last night - and the timing was rather funny, and with all due respect, it's not really meant for your eyes, dear friends, but someday, the whole story can be told. Maybe. She is, as I write this, attending a performance by the New York Philharmonic at the Norton Center in Danville. On the program for tonight is Pictures at an Exhibition. I am extremely jealous.

Work is going okay. New project lead work tomorrow. That makes me feel a little bit better about job security, but I'm still not relaxed, and won't be until this latest round is hashed out. In the event of job-go-away, there's a good-sized severance package, enough to keep me going here for a while, or resettle me in one of the three cities I'd look at shipping out to pretty quickly.

A fair bit of excitement here in town today. Number One Crush called while it was going down, as she was near The Ridge when, as she put it, half the cops in town suddenly appeared.

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It's been a long week.

Tuesday afternoon was all of the obligatory scrambling around and getting family together and making arrangements and finding places for people to sleep and other associated stuff. We all stayed busy, reinforced each other, that sort of thing. Had a tiny spat with my mom - I stayed in a hotel for the two nights I was in Liberty, and that's just outside Mom's ability to understand, but I cannot get anything like restful sleep in Mom&Dad's house anymore. As always, late-night phone call with #1 Crush.

I volunteered to drive to Louisville to get The Niece on Wednesday morning, and #1C called while I was on I-65. We clarified some things from the previous night's talk, and from a conversation we'd had when I was at a hospital Monday morning. Got to The Niece's house and headed back to Liberty. Poor girl, she was dealing with a nasty cold. Got a text from [ profile] tegyrius regarding a tornado watch in Liberty - just before we got off of I-65 and drove through some really nasty rain mixed with hail for about 15 minutes. Clear weather for the rest of the drive, thankfully.

Visitation was that evening. Lots of hugs and handshakes and tears, and getting to see people I missed without really knowing that I did. #1C and [ profile] elalyr  and Tegyrius came down for a while, and the four of us and my brother spent some time together telling old stories and catching up and just being together when Matt and I needed it. Late dinner with #1C, and then back to my hotel while she headed to Lexington.

The funeral itself was as good as such things can be. Darren Gillespie, who was pastor of my home church when I left (not because of him, dear heavens no) conducted the service. I did what I'm apparently wired to do - was stoic, the rock against which the waves break, the one family member who grieves privately and provides strength for the rest. Wake afterwards, lots of reconnecting and some pictures and exchanging contact information. I had planned to drive The Niece back to Louisville that evening, but she stayed with Mom&Dad, and I headed home.

Friday started the return to normalcy. It was a good - if busy - day at work. Lots of "We're glad you're back" and "Let us know if you need anything." Got through it okay, was reminded again that I work with and for some pretty terrific people, and went home.  Another late-night talk with #1C.

Yesterday was solitude, for the most part. Worked on UKON stuff, which will be the order of business for today, too.

Thanks again to all of you for your kind words and support. They mean a lot.

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I don't often make a big deal about my birthday, outside of taking a few days off from work and either relaxing or hitting the road. It's just how I'm wired. My ACS team at work is pretty cool about it. Yesterday, though, my new teams did something that, in the great big scheme of things, is small, but it really made me happy. Cake, ice cream, and a little celebration in the afternoon. Completely unexpected, but very kind.

Today, of course, is Valentine's Day. I've railed against it, hated it, been ambivalent towards it. I sent Amy flowers way back when, and a few dinners and cards and other things with someone else, but Kathryn wasn't into Valentine's Day at all, and that godawful mess with Sasha had so many complications that even if I'd wanted to make note of February 14, I couldn't have without making things even worse than they were. 2009 sees me going down a path with #1 Crush - we're not together today, and probably won't see each other until I get back from Alabama, but I'm happy as the day is long that we've got places in each others' lives.

So, here's to Valentine's Day. Here's to romance and to love and to butterflies in the stomach and your heart racing when that particular name shows on your cell and to conversations that go into the wee hours of the night. Here's to what-if and promises and a boast that she's willing to call you on. Here's to having an ache from missing someone, and not wanting that ache to go away because even it feels so good. Here's to gentle touches and whispers and private looks and things that no one knows but you and her. Here's to knowing what you want, and knowing that any risk is worth it. Here's to trust and to someone placing the whole of their existence into your hands.

Here's to my crush.
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My grandmother's diagnosis is now chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, rather than clots in the lungs. No real difference in her long-term health, I guess. She's so small now. It's like she's beginning to collapse in on herself.

After a month off, we got back to the Star Wars game this week with some big scary Sith hoodoo. No game next week, though, because of my absence. I regret that, for the other players.

Dinner with #1C last night, followed by a writing-and-studying session. Found out that there's a specific type of damage that a human eye can undergo that allows the eye to see into the ultraviolet.

Early-morning trip to Danville to get some paint damage repaired on the Taurus. Very busy afternoon at the office, and hopefully that'll continue for a while.

I hit 37 in a few days. Hitting the road for a few days after that.

Right now, though, I've got some sleep to catch up on.
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Survived the ice storm. No power loss for me, didn't miss any time at work, no real problems. Luckier than many in this respect.

Work's going okay. Writing's slower than I'd like, though. Doing more stuff for GenCon.

Crushing still.
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I met up with #1 Crush for lunch on Inauguration Day. She looks, simply put, incredible. No, better than that. Keep going. Yeah. Right about there. We talked a bit, watched the swearing in and inaugural address, and had a terrific time at Sav's Cafe. A string of late night talks has followed, as is becoming something of a norm for us.

Wasted a trip to Danville yesterday. Had a paint-scrape accident on Saturday last, and the shop that's going to do the repair work is only open M-F. I'm going to find a half-day I can be out of the office and get down there again, hopefully before mid-February.

Missed St. Zevon's Day, but will be celebrating belatedly tonight.


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