Sep. 6th, 2017 10:56 am
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Today, on his 70th birthday, Dad is hauling a couple of turbofan housings from Ohio to somewhere in the greater Massachusetts wastelands. As of a few minutes ago, he's on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, escorts front and rear, and limited to 55 miles-per and daylight travel only.

Hurricane Irma is closing in on Puerto Rico and Hispanola, the best models show it heading into the Florida Strait, then turning north and going up Florida's west coast. The thing is at category 5, sustained 185+ MPH winds and gusts to 225 and better. Tropical Storm Jose is a few hundred miles to the east of Irma, and a depression in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico just got strong enough to be named Katia. This is not going to be good. Florida's in a statewide state of emergency; tourists are being evacuated from the Keys, and Miami's evaccing people with mobility problems.


Jul. 30th, 2017 08:36 am
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I got back to Louisville late Monday afternoon. I do love being at the farm, but the isolation was starting to get to me. I'm not some kind of super-outgoing social butterfly, but I do like being able to get together with friends for a game or a movie or drinks or whatever on a few minutes' notice, and I was many miles from that opportunity.

I've spent far too much time these past few days reading about the cascade of fuckups around a local convention, FandomFest. I got roped into this hot mess back in 2012 and 2013, and tales of the 2013 debacle still circulate, waiting for a Google search. This year, the con advertised its location as the Fair and Expo Center - up until about two and a half weeks before the con. That's when the actual location was announced - the hastily-named Jefferson Mall Event Center! In other words, the old Macy's space. Then, announced guests started dropping out. About 25 of them, mostly for "personal reasons." Booking agents started popping up to deflect this, making sure that people knew that their clients weren't just blowing things off - in most cases, the con hadn't gotten contracts signed or had failed to arrange flights and hotels and guarantees. In two cases, the con announced the appearance of someone who lives here in Louisville, and those locals opted to not attend after hearing about the goings-on. One of them lives about ten minutes from the event site - I've been to his house - and he still noped outta there. The site itself had problems, including a dead raccoon spotted on the floor a couple of nights before vendor setup began (Ralph the Raccoon quickly became a mascot). The con owners didn't bother to get fire marshal approval until the day before the show. According to the local FD, the con first asked for approval for 30,000 attendees, then 10K. Then they checked with the mall and its formula for occupancy of that space - 4225. The fire marshal eventually approved the space for 1700 people. From what I've heard, they've been in no danger of hitting that number. Vendors have lost big. The con organizers have run off representatives of other shows that were handing out flyers - something that happens at every con. It's just an utter shitshow.

Apple discontinued the iPod Nano and Shuffle last week. The only iPod left now is the Touch, an iPhone 5 without the cellular radio. I do love my Nano, so much so that I think I'm going to buy another one for when this one eventually shuffles off its mortal coil. Yes, I could use my iPhone, and it certainly has more storage space than the Nano, but I am no fan of Apple Music.

SYR's tonight. Four D&D games, two Call of Cthulhu, one Ten Candles. I'm getting a real hankering to play something, in addition to running my Star Wars game ... just not so much at the SYR environment.

Act of God

Jul. 23rd, 2017 10:36 am
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Somehow, I'm still tired from yesterday. Kaiser woke me up around 5:30, needing something. He was happy enough to be let outside; I couldn't go back to sleep. I checked out my Armada fleet, tried to get a little more sleep, tossed and turned until 7:30. Got up, showered, rechecked the fleet. Left Kaiser plenty of water and food, and hit the road for Shepherdsville.

Seven players for the Armada tournament, so one bye for each round. I drew against the eventual store champion, Collin H, in the first round; he won comfortably, but I did well enough - knocked out the support ships and about half of the fighter complement. I drew the second-round bye and spent the time trying to learn what I could for the third (and final) round. I drew Jacob, one of the other Rebel players from our aborted Corellian Campaign. His fleet was similar ways to Collin's, so I figured I'd put up a decent fight this time. We set up our fleets, and by the end of the second turn, I was in trouble. My frigates were set up to deliver broadsides, and Jacob had maneuvered to keep his ships in front of my frigates, where their firepower was much weaker. I lost, and badly. After the match, Jacob pointed out the biggest mistake he saw me make. I'm fielding very fast ships, but engaging my opponent very quickly, almost in a headlong rush. Instead, I need to make use of the speed and maneuverability I have to get into better positions - and stop being so darned conservative with my defensive options. Spend the tokens - they'll refresh!

After six hours and change of play, it was done. I placed dead last by one point. Came home with a stack of alt-art ship and modification cards, some destined for the trade/giveaway bag, and some snazzy acrylic defense and command tokens. Talked with Ken S about getting together for some Project Phoenix games this week. Drove home, was greeted by the dog, had a late dinner, went to bed.

Mom&Dad are coming home tomorrow. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to stick around until they get back here or light out before. Will, like so many other things, depend on how much sleep I get. I predict the lovable, friendly, affectionate, needy red Doberman currently dozing on the front porch will wake me up much earlier than I want.


Jul. 20th, 2017 05:50 pm
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Second day at The Farm. Got here early yesterday morning, and Mom&Dad headed out around noon. Yesterday afternoon saw a shopping trip to Campbellsville - medicine and snacks for Kaiser, food and clothes that I forgot to pack for me. Had a mighty moment of dumb when getting things together yesterday morning, I guess.

This dog, y'all. Despite the heat, he's outside on the porch, but will probably whine in a half-hour or so to be let back inside so he can lie down on the floor and cool off for a while. He's a hoot, swinging between "I'm a strong proud red Doberman who doesn't need no (hu)man" and straight-up almost as needy as my housemate.

It's high summer, that's for sure. Lexington weathermen have tossed around the phrase "hottest day of the year" quite a bit. It's presently 91F, heat index 102F, down a few degrees from a few hours ago. There's a chance of daytime thunderstorms over the weekend, which should help knock air temps down a bit. But thunder will scare the dog, so, a mixed blessing.

Little things: USPS mail holding is pretty great for long getaways like this. I'd bought some promo and alt-art cards from eBay, shipped through USPS, and had a little anxiety about them arriving while I was away - housemate's shacking up with this season's Whatsername when he's not working in Lexington. Two minutes at USPS.com and all is handled.
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My Dodgers are on a real tear as the first half of the season comes to a close. They've won 25 of their last 29 games, and are 60-29 going into this afternoon's game against Kansas City. Tuesday night's the MLB All-Star Game, and six Dodgers are on the NL roster. It's a good time to be a fan.

Played an Epic-scale X-Wing game Friday evening. I got out my CR90 and a half-dozen fighter escorts against an Assault Carrier and a heap of TIEs. I got in some good shots early in the game, knocking out the Bombers before they could get their ordnance off, but the TIEs were the death of a thousand paper cuts, and I lost in a slugfest. The game got a lot of attention while league matches were going on, so I've scheduled a Team Epic night in a couple of weeks. Assuming the ratio of interested to will-actually-play holds up, we should have two Epic matches going.

Yesterday was Mom's birthday. Dad and I took her for a cruise on the Belle of Louisville, something she's wanted to do for a while. Really great experience. Weather was about perfect - low 80s and scattered clouds. We had a reserved table in the ballroom/dining deck for lunch, and the boat never felt crowded, even with a sold-out cruise. After lunch, we headed up to the open-air sightseeing deck for the remainder of the cruise. The Belle took us upstream almost to the new East End bridge, so plenty to see along the way. The old steamboat can get some speed when she's underway - jet skis and powerboats were zipping by (and their passengers gave the Belle her due), but we overtook a couple of barges and their towboats during the cruise. I went below to get a look at her engines, and it was like stepping back to another era of engineering. The Belle is a no-fooling steamer, 103 years old, so it's all boilers and pistons and vents and such down there. Pretty darn cool, and would definitely do this again. Possibly on one of the distillery tasting cruises.

I'm into October in my Pandemic Legacy campaign. Things aren't going well - we took steps to try to contain COdA as much as possible, but a streak of Scarlet Fever epidemics did us in. New Zealand's provided some emergency assistance, but it feels like it's just delaying the inevitable.

Finally got to see both Kubo and the Two Strings and Moana. Very different, but both very good. I was glad that Moana didn't become Maui's story -  Dwayne Johnson exudes charisma, even through a Pixar animation - and we got to see the mythology play out and a fun story unfold. Gave up on seeing Alien Covenant in a theater. I felt like I was constantly talking myself into going, and that was a warning sign - plus the not-very-goodness of Prometheus a few years ago.
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UK won the Lexington regional, UofL beat 'em 2-0 to win the Louisville Super-Regional, and UofL Cardinal Baseball is going to the College World Series! I am thrilled. The first game is Sunday afternoon against Texas A&M - Go Cards!

As prep for Origins, and because I don't want to have to organize player schedules, I started soloing Pandemic Legacy. It's a damned good game, adding changing elements to the already excellent Pandemic. I can see this game becoming damn near unwinnable, but figure there have to be ways to overcome the COdA threat in the game's future. I'm of a mind to try and make a RPG setting out of the world at the campaign's end.

Today was my day for good deeds. Darryl V's raised the funds to replace his Ranger, and found a late-model Escape suitable for Uber/Lyft service. Dude's been dealing with some seriously rough times, and right now, I'm in a position to help out a little. So, got him from his apartment to the dealer, checked things out, all that, and he was able to buy the Escape.

This evening, Cassandra and her boyfriend got free from her conference, and we got together for dinner and catching up and introductions. I played tour guide, showing them some of my city's sights. Ken's a good dude, and they're getting married next summer. She's doubtless my favorite cousin, and we touched on some family history tonight - the uglier parts pertaining to our grandmother and that entire side of the family's ... acceptance or blindness or whatever regarding her abuse and hate and all of her awfulness. We are grandchildren and children of abuse, and we both have ended that cycle in our own ways.

Lighting out for Origins tomorrow afternoon. Lots of Pandemic variants on my on-duty schedule. Planning to meet up with Rebecca and Ben Saturday afternoon, and expect to cross paths with some other folks over the course of the con. Nothing on a shopping list - just going up to play games and see a new con and meet some new good people.


May. 13th, 2017 10:05 pm
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It's done. Commencement was today, and I am a Master of Public Health.

And what a day it was. I got up plenty early to get over to the shop and get the Mariner checked out. Could have been a whole lot worse - broken flex pipe. Relatively inexpensive fix, but a few other issues were identified. These will probably be taken care of in Liberty. To their great credit, the shop here was able to get the repair done in time for me to drive to commencement, saving me the cost of a Lyft. I used one of Dad's cards to park for free at the Galt House, and got back to the arena for lineup and commencement.

Commencement was about what I expected, and I'm glad I brought something to read. My cohort was the very last group to be recognized, so we mostly made the best of it. We decided we would make slow walks across the stage, not crowd or rush each other, just enjoy our last moments as students. It worked. It was good.

Afterwards, lunch with Mom&Dad, and that was a good time. Mom's having some issues with mobility right now, so Dad went back to the hotel garage to get the Canyon and come back to the restaurant to pick her up. And this is where the trouble started.

After, oh, 20 minutes or so, I get a text from Dad - "I can't find the truck." I show Mom, we laugh, and decide that we'll both walk back to the hotel and I'll help Dad. No big hurry, we'll just mosey along at Mom's comfortable speed and when we get to the hotel, Dad will have found the truck and all will be well. This turned out to be a very good idea for Mom's sake.

Dad texted me at about 2PM. We didn't find the goddamned pickup until 3:45. Dad kept saying some combination of parking level and space, so, logically (at least to me), I tried to find it. Well, I did ... and no truck. And Dad says, "Okay, good, this where I was parked this morning before I went out to find breakfast for me and your mommy." And I'm pretty sure I heard that record-scratch sound from TV sitcoms. I managed not to yell, but did raise my voice above conversation level when I asked what. Dad figured that if he could find where the truck was, he could retrace his path to find where the truck is. As I am telling a story, you may have already guessed that this did not work. We found the truck. Pardon - I found the truck. And while I maybe overreacted, I felt myself sliding up my scale of anger. I was silent during most of this search, almost swore at Dad in frustration. Mom had started texting during the search. She was starting to get some anxiety hits. I do not blame her.

Got home a little after 4PM. Tried to take a nap before going out for Housemate's birthday to-do. Had just gotten stretched out on the couch when a serious motherfucker of a muscle cramp hit my left calf. Oh goddamn did this thing hurt. If I move my foot the wrong way, I can still feel a little bit of soreness. Okay, anyway, headed out to the restaurant. Got sick of waiting for flakes to show, so I started ordering - damned good cheeseburger, for the record. I'd had a vibe that this would happen - Diane showed up. About a half-second of eye contact, and, welp, my decision from about this time last year was vindicated like you wouldn't believe. Nothing there. Nothing. Anyway, some good talking with other party members, then off to the bar, and I waved off of that after about 20 minutes because I was just tired.

And now I'm on my couch for a few more minutes before crawling into bed. Tomorrow, I'm either binging on movies over at Village 8, or lying in bed all damn day. I have earned either one.

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Still waiting on two grades to post. I expect Dr. Wilson is going to get message-bombed today.

The first of us has left Louisville. Marc moved back to Columbus Friday evening. Stephen and I helped him load up his truck. Marc's a good dude. One of the best in our cohort.

Also on Friday, we got the Star Wars game back underway. Things went pretty well, but problem player appeared and behaved in the manner that led to him getting the boot in the first place. Whatever. The PCs captured a Sith-influenced petty dictator and recovered parts of a holocron. We laughed, we had a good time, all was well. Next up, going to give one of the players his chance to visit Hoth before Echo Base is established.

Went to Liberty Saturday morning, planning to stay until Sunday night. Got super restless Saturday evening and went back to Louisville. Detoured through Lexington and picked up some new ships for my Armada collection. Got home, read, called it a night around 2. Not much accomplished on Sunday - reading, some game planning, job-hunting, long overdue cleaning.

This is Derby Week. Got to see one of the balloon races Friday morning - yay for living across the road from the takeoff site. A few events this week, building up to the Great Steamboat Race on Wednesday, Thurby on Thursday, Oaks on Friday, and the race itself on Saturday. And most important, getting out and screwing around until an unholy hour on Saturday night.

Got the Origins orientation e-mail from Joe P this morning. It all feels very familiar. I'm getting excited about this trip.
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Last semester, and maybe more so this one, I have had some straight-up panic attacks over the amount of work (particularly large papers and projects) required in this program. These have been mostly self-created, if I'm being honest with myself. I can handle the work; I just have to remember to handle it in chunks instead of looking at the entirety of the project. What I also have had to remember is, when I'm piddling around and procrastinating, is ... I like doing this stuff. I like diving into existing literature on the subject. I like figuring out how to pull relevant data out of different reports and studies and synthesizing something out of it. I like putting the words down. 

I have to do a lot of it in the next few days. This is what's still outstanding: Integration final exam tonight. Policy presentation Wednesday. Evaluation presentation Thursday morning. Policy report Friday afternoon. Practicum presentation on the 24th. Social Determinants group paper and presentation on the 25th. And that is it. One way or another, my grad school run is over in eight days. Long nights ahead.

I'm trying to stop griping about this final semester. There is nothing to be done, as Kim Stanley Robinson wrote. Just have to deal with the problems, hit the markers, and get out into the field. Put PhD and other considerations aside and focus on the local, the immediate, the things I can affect. Talk, seriously, with the faculty members who have contacts and experience, and can point me down paths I don't know exist.

In the wider world, there's a lot going on. Under Lord Dampnut's direction, the US is pushing for North Korea to be "handled." There's some reason for concern here - remember, of course, that Dampnut is unstable and aggressive and not very smart, and he's already attacked a Syrian airbase with a shitload of cruise missiles. (He also misnamed the nation the missiles' target was located in, while apparently focusing on the quality and size of the cake he was eating at the time. These fucking people.) North Korea tested a ballistic missile yesterday, but the launch failed; there was talk of a nuclear test (April 15 being a national holiday there), but it seems that nothing came of it.

After seeing the Spycraft 1 game at Conglomeration, and a talk with Erin about it, I've had a hankering for an espionage game start to rear it's head. Despite my love of Spycraft, I don't know that I'd use it. I feel like that's ground I've covered comfortably. There's the 007 clone, Classified, and something else I picked up along the way. Merle Rasmussen and some other folks bought the Top Secret name and product rights from WotC, and are launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund Top Secret: New World Order sometime soon. Always good to have options.

I need to go somewhere. Just go. Driving up to a truckstop 15 miles inside Indiana a couple of weeks ago was, I think, the first time I've left Kentucky since GenCon. Christ, I can't recall traveling anywhere besides my routes to Liberty since Thanksgiving. There's a day or weekend trip coming soon, either to celebrate or deal with the end of the semester.
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Relevant to the previous entry's overdose discussion, Thursday afternoon, I saw a LFD engine and two LMPD cruisers roll onto Gray Street and stop in front of LMPHW. The engine crew dismounted, no turnout gear, and to my shame, I thought, "Just an OD case, then, no big deal." This is now normal, I guess. And this is not right.

Wednesday was my 45th birthday. Nothing exciting, really. Had a short meeting at Shawnee Academy for one of my classes.

Friday, time at LMPHW, planning for ICS instruction in May, then a couple hours in the Cave to close out the day. A staffer in OEP is retiring in a couple of weeks, and my mentor suggested I apply for her position. I'm applying for a position with CHE, too, so hopefully things will start moving on that front. After practicum time, I went to Crescent Springs for Erin's birthday dinner. Met her boyfriend (who is a heck of a good guy) and other folks. Pretty good evening.

Including last night's round trip, I think I can count the number of times I've driven I-71 between I-265 and the I-75 merger on two hands. I've never had much need to travel that way, and that stretch of Interstate is strange to me. Lots of grades and curves, and there are markers for the Carrollton bus crash way back when. It's a little bit spooky. And I'll be making the drive again a couple of weeks, when I head to CincyCon.

Going out with Mom&Dad in a little while, and probably with some friends tonight. And if they bail, I can just as easily go to a movie on my own. Have to schedule my Corellian Conflict game sometime. Prep for SYR and my regular SW game. Do homework, research, search for jobs. Keeping moving.

81 days.
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Humans, man. Since my entry of a week ago, Dad has made four trips from the GE aircraft engine plant near Cincinnati to Chicago. Says he's feeling no more pain than his normal managed level, and since he's able and weather allows, he's going to make some money. He called yesterday morning, and asked if I was going to Liberty this weekend; when I told him that I had other plans, he sounded horribly disappointed. So, I shuffled some things around, and will take him and Mom out for dinner Saturday to celebrate their anniversary - 49 years!

Submitted my application for degree this morning. This is really happening. Lot of work between now and the end of April, but I got this. I don't know what's next, but I'll be ready for it.

No class tonight, so there are a few extra quality hours to knock out assignments and get a couple of other projects underway.
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This week has seen the last first day of school, at least for a while. This semester looks to have a higher workload than last, so I have to keep ahead of my assignment schedule. Couple that with the practicum requirements, and this is a very busy four months ahead. Plus job-hunting.

I've had to take off some blinders in the last month. Over Christmas, Mom was pretty sick. Slept a lot, and was pretty weak and slow when she was awake. Dad had to use a cane to get around on one of our outings. Dad's had real back problems for a long time, because of an injury when he was in the Air Force in the late '60s. When he was around 30, he had a couple of discs removed from his spinal column, and synthetic replacements implanted. It was about as good a repair as could be managed in the mid-'70s. Dad always pushed himself, and he has a certain stubborn streak when it comes to how he works, so he continued to damage himself over four decades of work. It looks like that's finally caught up with him. An MRI a couple of weeks ago revealed progressive damage to the #3 and #4 lumbar vertebrae. They're exploring options, including possible surgery.

This is a shift in how I have to look at the world. The idea of Dad not driving - and not even able to drive - his trucks is alien to me. We've talked a little about how to handle things, and he's considering hiring a couple of drivers. There's still money to be made in the business, and with the equipment, and he can just handle the brokering and assignments. Which is a better working retirement than climbing on and off trailers at 70 years old, definitely. But it means that our trip to Atlanta last Thanksgiving was very likely the last time I'll sit in the right-hand seat of one of those behemoths and hear the growl of the diesel and its turbochargers whine and see the world from that particular wonderful perspective.

The world moves on. Godsdammit.

Next Phase

Jan. 1st, 2017 08:01 pm
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Scrubbed Friday night's RPG session in favor of more X-Wing games. Wasn't really in the right headspace and two players were out. Need to figure out how to salvage the mission the PCs are on.

Saturday morning, drove back to the farm to watch the Louisville and Kentucky bowl games with Mom&Dad. Games were not good, company was very good. Clemson wallopped Ohio, so there's the good showing from the ACC. Had a couple of NYE party invitations; blew them off in favor of just going home and reading. Did stop off at PSC to pick up more Star Wars gaming stuff.

So, it's 2017. I'm just done with NYE parties and whatnot; I only stayed up last night to watch 2016 die. Got to see Mariah Carey fall apart on live TV, and that was both sad and funny. I've spend the first day of the year reading and watching football and hockey. Things are, well, things.
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Christmas Eve was a pretty good day. Light traffic all the way to Liberty, and lunch with Mom&Dad when I got there. So much catfish. I was a glutton. We exchanged our gifts and prepped for Christmas Day.

Which went about as expected.

Monday, I helped Dad load one of the junkers he's lied to himself over onto the trailer - praise Ford, someone bought this pile of scrap metal. Two tons down, lots more to go.

Tuesday morning, Rick posted details of the expected sale at PSC, and it was a good offer. I picked up a new sourcebook for EotE and a bag of ships for Armada. We're starting the Corellian Campaign in a couple of weeks, and I feel like my fleet is going to be competitive. My commnd skills, however, may be another story.

Yesterday and today have been quiet, Netflix-watching, RPG session-planning days. A couple of school-related e-mails, not much else.
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Last working day of the year, and it had an inauspicious beginning. Made the turn onto Broadway from Baxter and heard a rhythmic thumping sound start up. Dammit, a flat tire, I thought, and pulled into a church parking lot to get a look. Not flat yet, but it wouldn't be long - a bolt imbedded in the tread. Not near the sidewall, fortunately. There's a Meineke shop a couple blocks from SPHIS; pulled in, and they were able to plug the puncture and all was well.

Freezing fog set in overnight, and by the time I got to Gray Street, it had thickened enough that I couldn't see past I-65. Around 10AM, it changed to dry blowing snow. Pretty, but I'm glad I wasn't out in it.

I'm ready for the holiday break. One errand to run tonight, and then I've got a couple of days to just goof around. Going to work on my Star Wars game for Friday night, read, watch a whole lot of Netflix. I'm lighting out for The Farm Saturday morning, staying until Tuesday, I think. Keeping gift-giving and receiving to a minimum; just exchanges with Mom&Dad. Everyone else gets my whole over-the-stuff state of mind and get that I just want time.
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It's Thanksgiving Day. I'm heading to Liberty in a few hours, timing it so I'll arrive around 2:30. Going to be a full house - Mom&Dad, me, The Niece, the visiting aunt&uncle, and my brother and his household. And the dining table at the farm is sized for six, and that's bumping elbows, and for reasons I fail to understand, Mom&Dad are wholly opposed to buying a useful folding table to set up in the cavernous living room. But, whatever. In six hours, I'll be with my family and relatives I can tolerate and a whole lot of ham.

Had a slight freakout over the end of the semester work Tuesday night. Stopped looking at things a paragraph or a page at a time and saw the giant tower of stuff looming and it got to me. Shadow talked me down, mostly, and not going to lie, some bourbon helped.
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Three weeks left in the semester. Papers and projects are moving along nicely, and I'm registered for spring's last push for the MPH. Less than six months until graduation.

Stephen K's brother died Tuesday morning. 30 years old. Fucking cancer, man. Service was Saturday morning; homework won out over attending, at Stephen's request. Expecting him to be back tomorrow for a work session, but won't be surprised if he takes the last day to spend more time with the family.

Ran around with Tegyrius on Saturday. Went to a disappointing train show, then hit the Baxter Avenue game shops. Since I didn't spend money at the show, I felt justified in picking up something at each shop. Talked a lot about gaming, career changes, life in general. Darn good day. And more homework that night. And Sunday, all day.

Short day at the desk today. An aunt and her husband are flying in and spending a week with Mom&Dad. I'm bailing out early to play tour guide and get an early vibe on how much interference I'll have to run for Dad. Short week, of course - normal day tomorrow, including class; half-day on Wednesday. I'm heading to Liberty Thursday afternoon, and staying until Saturday afternoon. Mom&Dad are taking the visitors to Nashville Friday afternoon, maybe coming back late that night.Gives me a lot of very quiet time to spend working, and then watch the UofL-UK game on Saturday.

UofL got whupped by Houston Thursday night, in case you were wondering. Houston had our number from the first play. National championship talk is over; Lamar Jackson is still a runaway favorite for the Heisman. Louisville will get a good postseason game, and then I start looking ahead to baseball season.

Conglomeration sent out an a call for GMs for 2017. I'll gin up something, maybe another Chronicles of Darkness game, or Shadowrun or something. Should look into CincyCon, too.

Hound Dog

Nov. 6th, 2016 10:35 am
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Life on Gray Street.

Wednesday morning, had to call LMPD on a couple having oral sex right on the sidewalk. Thursday morning, get to watch as an overdose patient gets a hit of naloxone and manages not to die in the LMPHW parking lot. Friday was short of madness; installed some bleeding control aid kits and trained a couple of volunteers on 'em.

X-Wing league championship and Epic game on Friday night. My Rebel group lost the Epic game - we were badly outgunned from the start, and the GR75 just cannot hold its own. The game was a blast, though - all four capital ships from the game on the table, 15 or so starfighters. We did some work.

Trip to Liberty yesterday to see some of my high school class - informal annual dinner. Saw Mom for a while; watched UofL clobber Boston College.

Saw something of a rarity this morning - three standard cab locomotives (2x CSX SD40-2, a NS GE) on a train crossing Hurstbourne. Unit train of coil steel flatcars.
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Louisville beat Marshall. Cards are 4-0, playing at Clemson this week. Although, UofL is ranked higher than Clemson, I can't quite get myself to believe that UofL will win. Clemson is so darn good.

Classes are still progressing. For a small number of reasons, I'm starting to wish that I'd maybe concentrated in Health Management instea of Promotion. I mentioned this in passing to one of my professors, and that led to another conversation about post-MPH plans. We have a rough map, combining our new executive MHA program with our policy PhD while working for SPHIS or a city or state agency.

It's the middle of the semester already. Monday and Tuesday are fall break, and I'm taking the days off from work. Going to head to the farm in a few hours to work on papers. Mom&Dad are gone to Arizona, so I'm house-sitting, and the quiet environment should be conducive to getting plenty of work done.

Set up an epic-scale X-Wing game last night. Led a 400-point Imperial force with my Raider against a 12-starfighter Rebel group supported by a electronics warfare GR-75. My Raider and a TIE/SF were the last Imperial ships on the table, but the Raider did its thing and, after hanging back to build up energy reserves, ripped the Rebel forces to bits. A really good time all around, and we're planning to do it again soon - I have yet to use my CR90, and that needs to be rectified soon.

Shadowrun Anarchy dropped this morning. Hoping to get (or make) the time to read at least some of it this weekend.

Oh hey, autumn finally arrived for real. The past week has seen daytime high temps in the low 70s or upper 60s, rain, clouds, some sunshine peeking through.
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This was a rather good Labor Day weekend. Rolled down to Liberty late Saturday morning, an easy and pretty quick drive. Not a lot of traffic on US150 and 127. Talked and watched lots of football with Mom&Dad, had a little chat about some relatives and their misunderstanding of Dad's generosity, talked about Mom's health and her late-game lifestyle changes.

Sunday, pizza and homework, but very little football.

Monday, Dad wanted a look at a number of camping sites, so we lit out for Taylor and Adair and Russell Counties. Green River State Park was crowded like anything, but it turned out to be the site Dad liked best. Not sure when he's going to get out and do this, but I'm happy that he's making the plans.

Last entry, I mentioned UofL's season opener. We watched the game at Roosters in St. Matthews, and I think this is going to become my unhealthy-food-and-game-watch place of choice, mostly because it closes up on Labor Day and maybe other holidays that have been subsumed into retail hells. Cooks and waitresses and bartenders have friends and families, too, as the door sign explained, and I'm happy to take my business to a restaurant with that kind of policy.


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