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Against my normal policy, I installed iOS11 on my iPhone yesterday. The process was smooth, taking about ten minutes, draining a little less than 20% of the charge. Signed into my Apple account, and all was well. New control center is pretty slick, both simpler and more comprehensive than the previous versions. I checked my most-used apps, no problems there. And then I tried out the new Files app.

The iCloud app was pretty good. I throw Apple a dollar a month for online storage, following the loss of a flash drive full of data, and have no complaints - it would be great if Word would play nice with iCloud, but what can you do. There are worse problems to have than having to open up the Dropbox app and working from there. Files removes even that small inconvenience. One app that accesses iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Smooth and simple.

So, I think, let's see how this looks on the iPad. Start the download and installation, no hitches on the first-gen Air. Control center's even better. The dock is more like the one on my iMac and Macbook. This is good. Lots more utility. And Files is fantastic. This is the first time I've ever really thought about the iPad as a legitimate replacement for my Macbook.

So, did I try this new-and-improved tool out? You bet I did. Insomnia paid a visit, again, so I opened up the iPad and got to writing. Switched over to the iPhone for some occasional small edits - everything worked, and flawlessly. After finally getting a few hours of sleep, I checked in with the Macbook this morning and all is as it should be. I am quite pleased.


There's a guy I met not long after I moved to Louisville, big in the local minis gaming community. Good guy. He's lately been discussing his health problems, and holy cow is it giving me some perspective. Diagnosed with diabetes when he was 22, and at 40, he's starting to see some systems threatening to fail. Keto is helping him lose weight in a hurry, which his doctors are all about, but that but that puts him at real risk of kidney failure. So, rock and a hard place. Lose the weight in a hurry or be at serious risk of heart failure or stroke in the next two years, but run equal risk of the kidneys crapping out. Heredity can be a damned horrible thing sometimes.


The Dodgers are sliding again, three-game losing streak, including two to the Phillies. They need to get two more games up on the Diamondbacks to win the the NL West pennant, and the D-backs are also on a losing streak to a team they should be handling with ease. I'm not proud. If the Padres can beat Arizona again, and LA gets it together tonight, then there's the division championship, and no worries about a stupid one-game wild card play-in.
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My player problem resolved itself - he dropped out of the game. The game moves on. I think the players are have gotten enough of a handle on things that I can start tightening things up and presenting them with more challenging sessions. The Jedi's player asked about an Inquisitor, and I couldn't be happier with this.

Saturday: Played Armada. Got whupped. Learned a bunch. Have lots more to learn. Opponent (regular X-Wing player and one of my RPG cast) gave me a handful of alt-art prize cards. Ordered Battlefoam storage pieces. Bought a Mon Calamari frigate (host store running a 40% off sale). Looking forward to more. FFG has a campaign box coming down the pipe, and I think Pet Shop's organizer is getting the league kits.

X-Wing league playoffs are Friday night. Some of us that didn't make the cut are planning another Epic game. I'm playing Rebels this time, finally using my Corvette for something more than an eye-catching obstacle in smaller games. My teammate is planning to field a Transport, and I considered building a 200-point starfighter escort list instead, but, nah. I play for fun, and I really want to see what this CR90 can get up to.

Woke up sick on Sunday. Upset stomach, and the obligatory accompanying weakness. Thought maybe it was from bad eating choices Saturday evening; probably actually viral. Icky. Resolved in the late afternoon, so there were errands before the late NFL game. Meijer on Hurstbourne was run over with Pokemon. Came back, did homework.

It's Halloween! WFPK is playing appropriate music all day, and I'm in a great cheerful mood. Maybe going to Headliners for the Lucius show. Maybe just going home and watching or reading or writing something appropriate. Whatever happens, it's the most wonderful time of the year.
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Academic summer is almost over. Orientation for the incoming class was day-before-yesterday, and classes start on Monday the 22nd. Twelve hours for me this semester, including the practicum, and one class only meets seven times. Nine months to go.

Thanks to delayed-onset convention crud, I had to scrub last week's Star Wars game. No complaints from the players, since they got to get in more X-Wing time and break in the GenCon purchases. We've got a really good-sized Star Wars gaming group coming together - RPG, X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault. The host store is open until 2 or 3 on Friday nights, so games aren't under any kind of time constraint, and the play areas are spacious and well-lit and comfortable. I feel a little disloyal playing there instead of at The Louisville Game Shop, but Colin closes up at 8PM, and for those of us working late or coming in from out of town, that's not a whole lot of time.

Spent most of the weekend resting. After all of the GenCon and Focus-related excitement, I really hadn't had a chance to recharge, and sleep was disrupted by anxiety. Watched baseball and old movies and stuff on Netflix. Felt pretty good.

Farmers Market today, MRC Cave Day tomorrow, X-Wing and Traveller tomorrow night, LEPC event Saturday, X-Wing Sunday afternoon. Next weekend, the next (and final incarnation) of football-and-pizza-and-homework begins.
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I tested an 11" Macbook Air. The keyboard feels good, but that screen just isn't big enough for me. I tend to have three or four windows open at once, and the small screen didn't feel suited to that. I can make use of the sidebar on the iPad in small doses, and it really is meant to be a limited-use function; I'm just too used to the 13" screen that's been my primary for better than seven years now. Also, the 11" Airs don't have a SD card slot, and while that's not a deal-breaker, I'd rather have one than have to give over a USB port to a reader.

Somewhere along the way, my existing Macbook picked up the firmware upgrade that allows it to make use of an 8GB RAM installation. Apple never publicized this, and I only stumbled onto it when asking around about the machine's lifespan. $55 ain't bad for that kind of improvement.

I passed the biostats midterm with stumbling colors. Just one more exam and this subject and I can part ways. It'll show up again, I know, and I'll manage, but the dosage will be much much smaller.

We closed the SPHIS building on Friday (3/4) due to water line replacement. Turned out to be a boon, as I got hit with some kind of stomach flu Thursday evening. Lovecraft had the Colour out of Space; I had the color out of orifices, and I believe them to be equally unearthly. Like, colors seen only on those arrow-poison tree frogs. Still dealing with some congestion and coughing, but those are minor and don't leave me waiting for the sweet release of death.

One upside to having a weakened sense of smell and taste because of a cold is the easy justification of eating something more spicy than I usually have, and this time, there was Joella's, a hot chicken joint over on Frankfort Avenue. So good, y'all.

This looks like a fast week. I've got a debate tonight, and it should be a lovely train wreck - my wonderful partner and I are assigned the pro side of arming teachers in JCPS. It's an indefensible position, so we decided to just dive into the NRA gibberish pool and vomit out talking points for seven minutes. I'll throw in a personal story - my dad left the Standard Gravure building a half-hour before some asshole walked in and shot 20 people back in '89, and for proper effective cheapness, anecdote trumps data. Normal stuff in the other two classes, and then Spring Break. I have to be at SPHIS part of the week, since offices stay open, but I've got a four-day weekend at the end and hopefully new little toy spaceships to play with.
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Being out in the rain and cool air weekend before last took its toll. Wednesday morning, I started feeling poorly - sore throat, coughs and sneezing. By Thursday evening, it was a full-on bad bad cold. Managed the symptoms as well as I could, and headed to Liberty after work on Friday.

An interlude: A classmate is getting herself into serious trouble. Worse, she's assigned to one of my working groups, and her loose understanding of plagiarism policy is making the rest of us look bad, as well as have to rewrite a lot of her straight-up copy-and-paste submissions to group assignments. Friday morning, I had an off-the-record chat with the relevant professor. He seemed to know what was up as soon as I entered his office. The student in question is doing the same thing in other classes, other professors know about it, and despite several official warnings, she is continuing, and the School is preparing expulsion proceedings. It sucks for her, but this is something that SPHIS (and UofL) takes seriously, cultural differences be damned.

Anyway, got to the farm in the early evening. Mom&Dad were about to leave for the wilds of, I think, McCreary County, so I laid down for a nap. That nap lasted about 12 hours, interrupted by a few coughing fits severe enough to make for abdominal pain. Had an appointment with a tire shop on Saturday morning. On the way to the shop, some damn stray dog decided to commit suicide-by-Focus and bent a tie rod when it ran under me. No local shops had that part on hand, so Dad and I arranged to trade vehicles for a few days. Back to the hous, and I went back to the couch, and there was NyQuil and football and sleep and hallucinations, I think. UofL beat NC State during a heavy rain, and WKU ran all over Rice.

Hurricane Joaquin has made an ungodly mess out of South Carolina. A 70-mile stretch of I-95 was closed due to flooding over the weekend, and no small number of smaller roads are washing out. State of Emergency, all the heavy stuff. I do not envy anyone involved in this mess.

More adventures in transportation. Driving back to Louisville last night, I get stuck behind a slow car somewhere in Washington County. Finally get room to pass this guy and start making up for lost time around the Washington/Nelson line. There's a lengthy grade, although not too steep, and as I start up it, I smell smoke (distinctive burning motor oil smell) and see flashing lights at the top of the grade. First thought, Oh crap somebody's wrecked out. Got closer, and nope. Some joker in a Monte Carlo is trailing a 35-year-old Chevy pickup that's trailering a junked Camaro. Said pickup is burning enough oil to create a screen behind it - headlight beams visible in the smoke. He can't get much over 35MPH, the stink is getting worse by the mile, and it's a ways before I and this other fella can get enough room to pass. We finally do, and man, that Chevy sounded like it was about to come apart right there on US150. I was quite happy to watch those headlights disappear in my mirror. And got into the Ranger this morning to discover a dying alternator. So, yay TARC and free passage as a UofL student. Dad's bringing the Focus up this afternoon, and I guess we'll swap in a new alternator then.

Thank dog (but not the suicidal one) that the first couple days of this week are our fall break. I've got to be at the front desk, but there's no one around.
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It's done. For the third time in my life, a large Ford truck has been loaded up with nearly all of my worldly goods and taken me away from Mom&Dad's home. Unloading took less time than driving to Louisville; setup some time more.

The house is quite nice, quiet and comfortable and in a great location. A branch of the LFPL is nearby (and that's where I am now, as TWC won't have our Internet access activated until tonight), I can get to Bardstown Road and Crescent Hill and campus and the Interstates pretty quickly.

I think (and fervently hope) that GenCon is locked down. I plan to be on the way to Indy in 48 hours, and there has been too much wrangling already. I want to get there, see friends, buy a game and a print or two, see friends, play Age of Rebellion and Outbreak: Deep Space, eat too much, possibly dance, cause a Walk of Shame/Pride Strut, and enjoy one last kick-ass weekend before classes start.

Well, maybe not eat too much. I've dropped 30 pounds since Memorial Day. Darn close to two waist sizes, based on the jeans I tried on this morning and was able to fit into for the first time in far far too long. Felt good.

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion is every bit as good as Edge of the Empire, despite the increased number of editing/proofreading errors. The new D&D Starter Set similarly rocks. $20 for a short campaign, ready to pull of the shelf and run on pickup game nights is money well-spent.

Next updates will be from Indianapolis. Maybe not last year's daily dispatches, but there'll be a record of some kind. If you wish to live vicariously through me, please do so. Just wash up when you're done.

Mad Sounds

Apr. 14th, 2014 03:00 pm
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Got the Focus's A/C fan repaired, finally. Failed resistor, causing a short across the fan motor. Not as bad as it could have been. A/C spools right up now, too. The seat heaters still won't switch on, but I'll worry about that later. Their circuit isn't on any of the fuses I checked yesterday.

Optometrist checkup tonight. Wasn't able to schedule the glaucoma screening; hopefully that'll come along once I'm employed again, or at least under the University's insurance program. Christ, that's another sign I'm aging. Have to be aware of things like this.

Also a sign - this weekend is my niece's junior prom. She's excited as all get-out. She scored a 27 on her first go at the ACT, and to the surprise of pretty much nobody, thinks she can do better when she takes it again in June.
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The last of my grandfather's siblings died Tuesday morning (February 4). Harvey and I had a polite, if distant, relationship; I was much closer to and fonder of Paul and Frank. Joanne, his daughter, has had a very rough time with this. Her husband died about a month ago. Heck of a thing to have to deal with.

I almost skipped out on the funeral because of a nasty cold. Started hitting me Tuesday afternoon, and by Thursday night I was in sad-ass shape. Slept for a few hours after the funeral, and got back to Lexington alright. My father, still full of surprises, handed me a medium-sized box as I was leaving his home; with a sort-of sheepish smile, he said simply, "I bought half of a cow." So now I've got stash of steaks and ground beef from a small family farm in my refrigerator and freezer. Never a dull moment.

Slept through most of the morning. Store-brand Dayquil-equivalent has been a gift from the chemical gods. Got a little bit of sinus pressure and attendant headache sticking around, but the coughing and sneezing are gone, and the very painful sore throat has been reduced to a barely-noticeable tickle. Should you ever have the chance to have coughing and sneezing fits bad enough to make your ribs hurt, I can't recommend taking it.

GenCon prep kicked off this week. Including the seminars, we've got 54 events on the schedule this year, promoting three game lines. Mistborn gets a much-needed expansion, and we're launching a new closed-end line. Spycraft Third gets support, but the game itself isn't ready for release yet. I'm in the process of recruiting the volunteer team (again), hopefully with less last-minute drama than last year.
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Memorial Day Weekend wound up being a lost weekend, thanks to the cold that wouldn't go away. No cookout, no socializing, not much fun at all. I spent the day lying on my couch and binging on Netflix - Ken Burns' The Civil War, in its fantastic entirety. I'm not any kind of Civil War buff (outside of a goofy pride that a Union cavalry unit that was at the head of Sherman's March to the Sea was mostly raised in my home county), but this was ... many hours well-spent.

I managed to partially make up for things last weekend. I was furloughed on Friday, and set that day aside to rest and unwind and enjoy just not being so sick anymore. I deserved it, I think. Saturday, I went to Liberty to spend some time with Mom&Dad. Was treated to one of my favorite little pleasures - standing on the front porch while a storm blows through. Very bright double rainbow afterwards. I had some nebulous plans to go out with friends once I got back to Lexington, but dinner with the folks went longer than expected, and that was alright with me. Sunday's plans involved going to Louisville for dinner with Diane, but she opted to come to Lexington for dinner with [ profile] elalyr and [ profile] tegyrius and me. Good times, including a lengthy game of Cards Against Humanity after dinner.

Back to work on Monday, and the less said about that the better.

Took in Oblivion a few nights ago. Very pretty movie, but a little thin on the story.

Hold On

May. 26th, 2013 08:27 pm
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The battle against the Martian Death Flu continues. Last night was awful. I didn't take anything (and by "anything," I mean "Nyquil") before hitting the sack, and coughing fits kept me awake until nearly 3AM. The Nyquil finally kicked in, and I slept until 10 or 11.

Of course, this kept me from going to the cookout with CPTAAL and D and The Goths. Which sucks, as I was looking forward to seeing all of these good folks. D's still fighting off her own strain of this funk, with added fever. I feel better now than I did this time yesterday, so I'm hoping that means I'm finally shrugging it off. Means I've lost a holiday weekend, but there are worse things, especially with next weekend also a three-day stretch.
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Stupid summer colds. I've been fighting against this one for a few days now, and it's currently a stalemate. Just a cough and some congestion, but those symptoms are doing their level best to stick around. Laying around the apartment isn't how I'd hoped to spend Memorial Day weekend.

Not all of it, anyway. Monday was set aside as a do-nothing day a while back. Today, I was supposed to be in Louisville to work with Fandom Fest's gaming director, but he had a family thing come up. Got a couple of things on the docket for tomorrow, hopefully not including contaminating some of my friends.
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Work continues on GenCon stuff. Would have been more productive tonight, but I left my USB drives at the office and had to return for them. Knocked a little bit of the energy off.

May have a short-term solution to my sleep problem. #1 Crush recommended something to me, and I'm going to look into it very soon.
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Yep, sickness.  Which is, of course, going away this afternoon, so I'll be all spry and healthy when I go back to work tomorrow.  This blows.  Dayquil has been quite terrific in keeping me functional and not miserable since Sunday morning.

The lone good thing about losing two vacation days to this funk was not having to deal with a commute to and from work in the ice/snow/rain storm that blew through Kentucky over the last 20 hours or so.  It's nothing like we had to deal with in 2003, thankfully.

Finally picked up Star Wars: Force Unleashed (Wii) instead of just cycling a disk back and forth between my mailbox and Gamefly.  Wading through that Wookiee village as Darth Vader in the opening stage is still an utter blast.  The SW fire is nicely rekindled, but I don't think I'll be able to join the Saga game until February sometime - games are on alternating Sundays, and it's almost NFL playoff time.

Just a few days until Christmas.  Doing family stuff on the 21st.  Can't wait to see The Niece.


Dec. 13th, 2008 01:50 am
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Up way too late, and not especially happy at the moment.  See, I've got Monday and Tuesday off from work - and on Friday afternoon, a sore throat started making its presence known.  I do not at all want to be sick on these days off, as I have plans to get away for a little while.

The D6 Star Wars game got off to a very good start, and next weekend, I may be joining a Saga Edition game.  This may accelerate the looming burnout, though.

Going to bed now.


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