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Good grief, this fucking week.

The week kicked off with a misunderstanding that could have cost me some friendships.

Then it leveled off for a couple of days.

And then Thursday showed up. Woke up to a text from a dear friend, telling me that her husband had had a mental inquest warrant dropped on her a little while ago. This, of course, is not good. And I'm having some problems seeing the justification. He's emotionally manipulative (and, well, yes, takes one to know one), and I can't see this as anything but an attempt to hurt and/or control her.

Five hours later, we learned that Prince was dead. 2016 keeps on taking the best ones we have.

Three hours later, the first of two finals for the semester and I don't feel good about it at all.

Fuelling up this morning, "Highwayman" came over the store's PA speakers, and I kinda felt a little better.
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Grey sky, always in your eye
Where is the girl behind the cloud?
Grey sky, always floating by
But I only peek when I'm allowed.

Wasn't expecting it to be an evening for Carbon Leaf, but I'm not complaining.

My grandfather died 15 years ago today. Honestly, I remember the date because it's also Sputnik Day. Papaw was a good man, straightforward, strong in his faith, sometimes inconsiderate, but he was able to change and overcome his prejudices. Family lore says I look like him at my age, and I do resemble the Davis/Hamm lines more strongly than the Epling/Keck lines. I'm proud of the barn he and I built together in 1991, and he was proud of me for not giving up and finishing my first BA.

Huh. I guess it would be accurate to say "my paternal grandfather," but my maternal grandfather died 13 years before I was born, so I only know him from a handful of stories and a few photographs. According to lore on that side of the family, Grandfather Keck was born with a caul over his face and could see some sort of apparition the night before a child in the family died - and given family sizes and healthcare in his time and place, that wasn't an especially uncommon event. If I remember right, four of my mom's siblings died before age five, including at least one stillbirth - eight children, including Mom, survived to adulthood.

I played in the first session of a D6 Star Wars game this afternoon. Pretty good, somewhat uneven, but it should smooth out soon enough. It feels good to be back in that setting for a while.

Gaming-related, CincyCon announced its new venue and date this week. The good news - the venue is about 21K square feet, with more parking and a good rate with a nearby hotel. The bad news - it's now scheduled for Derby weekend. All good, I guess. I'm going to Conglomeration in early April, so there's my not-GenCon con.

Taking The Niece over to the St. James Court Art Fair tomorrow. The forecast is for a cool fall day, as it should be for St. James.

Grey Sky, I think I changed my mind
I find no need to pretend
Grey Sky, would you allow me to be
So into you, my friend?


Jun. 14th, 2014 09:37 pm
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Screw buying a Kindle. The iPad app works really well, and it's not too bright to read in bed, so I'll spend the $120, when I have it to spare again, on e-books.

I intended to start sorting things into the sell-versus-keep categories Thursday evening or Friday, but it didn't happen. Thursday, I slept a heck of a lot, and Friday morning was slept through as well. Wound up going to Louisville on Friday afternoon to see a Moth storytelling competition with Diane. I didn't know how much I needed time with a friend until we got out and ran around for a while. Good conversation and just time with one of the best people in my life. Got a quick and surprising flurry of texts while we were driving around after the competition and some late-night coffee. Got home around 2:30AM, listening to a radio station out of Chicago most of the way.

Home. There's a heck of a word. For about half of the week, home is a cheap hotel room in Shepherdsville. For the rest, it's the house I grew up in. On the whole, it's good to be back here. The night sky is heartbreakingly beautiful, I'm with my far-too-good-for-me parents quite a bit, and even with the clutter, it's comfortable like you wouldn't believe. I'll be glad to have a place in Louisville, and hope that happens soon, but there are far worse situations to be in.

If I hadn't been so dumb, I'd probably be at Iroquois Park tonight, rockin' out to the Arctic Monkeys.
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This was, unfortunately, a lost weekend.

Plans to go to Louisville on Saturday for a roller derby bout were disrupted because some people can't bother with a simple phone call. Less than thrilled with this.

Sunday started off well, at least. Long-overdue trip to the grocery. Watched the last three episodes of Fringe. Settled in to write. For whatever reason, some recent writing blocks didn't show themselves, and I managed to get quite a bit done. Put the fantasy project to the side for a while and went back to an older action-espionage project. Mixed that in with some fiction. Felt good about it when I stepped back for a reread and evaluation.

Lengthy phone conversation with CPTAAL, on his drive back from Louisville. He had a good weekend, at least.

Oh, hey, for you Jane Siberry fans out there, she's giving away the whole catalog.
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I finally got out of town on Saturday. Went to Louisville to hang out with D, and it was, on the whole, a very good day. We indulged our craft nerd sides - she has a nifty new mug and I got some new cheeses from a local dairy. Shopping on Bardstown Road, including throwing some money at Ear X-Tacy, 'cause if there's any music store that deserves to stay open, that one's it. Picked up a few back issues at The Great Escape. Dinner at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Went to a movie, and that's when the trouble started. I'll save you the squishy details, but my stomach went into open rebellion. I made it back to Lexington easily enough, but had a hallucination-grade fever by the time I hit Frankfort.

Sunday was spent dealing with the sick. Dehydrated, continued fever, headache, weakness. I'm hoping it was my peculiar food allergy (strawberries) kicking in rather than a virus of some kind. I took today off to rest up, and the symptoms seem to be gone now.

Oh, the movie? The Wolfman. Not bad - perfectly serviceable little popcorn flick.

Watched the Oscars last night for the first time in a few years. Ben Stiller's skit was embarrassingly bad (and really, who's surprised here?), and the dance program went on waaaaay too long. Happy enough with the results of the night, I guess.

Probably going to drop Daredevil from my comics list. Brubaker spoiled me, and the new guy's not bad, but the tight focus on Hell's Kitchen really worked for me, and that's now gone. I'm going to pick up the second monthly Iron Man title, of course, and probably the new Avengers title, too. DC's launching yet another LSH book, so that'll get added. That'll put me at 5 DC and 3 Marvel titles a month, at least for a while. Unexpected.

Started my Community Emergency Response Team course last week, and I really like it. I like being back in a classroom, learning something new. Stagnation sucks rocks, kids.

Hopefully getting back to the Hollow Earth Expedition game Wednesday night. And I'm running a Traveller one-off in a couple of weeks. Gotta get cracking on that one.


Jan. 6th, 2010 07:23 pm
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Exceedingly busy day. Silly drama among the peripheral team. Yay for headphones.

I've finally acquired a copy of the score to Near Dark - along with 52 other Tangerine Dream albums. Almost two days' worth of listening material.

The current reading material is Halting State, by Charles Stross. I'm only a few pages into it, and it's interesting. Written, so far, in second person.

This is, I think, my third read of a full-length Stross product. I thought Glasshouse was extremely good, and had a lot of fun with most of Saturn's Children, but there was a chapter there that left me physically ill. Can't say as I'd like to revisit that experience, but I've got to give Stross credit for being able to elicit that kind of response.

A significant winter storm is forecast for the area tomorrow. 2-6 inches of snow. We've had slight dustings and some ground cover over the past few days, but nothing like points to the northeast and northwest.
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Much of the primary route between Lexington and Liberty is a Radio Dead Zone - virtually nothing but homespun gospel and country stations.  Sometimes you can get repeater stations of the EKU and WKU NPR broadcasts, and on a really clear night, WUKY for a while, but for the most part, at least half of the drive is a frustrating and constant tapping of the Seek button.  I'm constantly reminded that I need to upgrade Hephaestus' audio.

Tonight was shaping up to be no exception, but about midway between the Casey-Lincoln line and Hustonville, I picked up an FM station out of Stanford.  Instead of radio-friendly hat bands, there was talk.  Talk of ghosts and other supernatural things - like Coast to Coast AM used to be, before the Noory Times.  The in-studio guests were locals, with some good stories to tell, and one mentioned his time as a staff writer at Somerset Community College's newspaper.  This perked me right up, as I was on that staff for a couple of years, including a stint as editor.  I wondered, would he mention ... he did!  The two entities in Stoner Hall - one in the theater, one in the second floor hallway.  I tried calling in, as I wanted to see if the guests had the same sense of gender about the two entities that I (and my friends, a long time ago) did, but when I got to the Brannon Crossing light north of Nicholasville, both the station's signal and my cell connection went away.

It was good.

Aunt Clara kept her Bible right next to the phone
In case she needed a quote
While she talked to someone
In my memory she smiles while the blessing is said
And visions of freeze tag dance in my head
She says I'll grow up big
If I eat all my roast
I'll still believe in heaven
But I won't believe in ghosts anymore

I'll put away childish things

Every other weekend at the age of thirteen
With my fishing pole and my Field and Stream
Ridin' back home on the Trailways bus
I looked out the window
‘Til I saw too much
And I called my parents by their own first names
I played in the alley
But I didn't play the game anymore

I put away childish things

The wolves howl all night long
They won't stop and they won't go home
Beneath my window they run
Probably it'll be alright
If I keep it all locked up tight
And wait ‘til daylight comes

Now my boy goes like a house on fire
He'll never burn out and he'll never retire
And I remember when I used to think like that
When I was young and the world was flat
But I'm forty some years old now and man I don't care
All I want now is just a comfortable chair
And to sell all my stock
And live on the coast
I don't believe in heaven
But I still believe in ghosts.

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I grew up in rural farmland Kentucky, but very little music in the world hits me like Bruce Springsteen's songs of life in urban/industrial places.  "Youngstown," for example, can often make me just stop whatever I'm doing for the duration of the track.

Still on vacation.  Probably no trips to the theater today, and I'm focusing my writing energies on one of the Spycraft projects rattling around.
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Yesterday?  Good day.  New books, new CDs, and a good Trinity session.  Should have gone in with [personal profile] tegyrius on a pizza at Puccini's Smiling Teeth, though, as there was a bit too much mushroom in my lasagna for my liking.
Lucinda Williams' new West is a good album, just a notch beneath World Without Tears.  I'd put it on an equal footing with WWT, but "Come On" is just a dreadful track.

Talked with Erin last night.  Some ground got covered, and we're really communicating again, so that's a plus.  We're working on a couple of character ideas for The Effect, one that she came up with after getting stuck in the woods after sunset, the other a sidekick/partner based on a character idea from various cyberpunk-style games from way back when.

Holy cow.  "Wishing Well" just started playing on the MusicChoice '80s channel.  I'm suddenly 16 years old again.  It will pass, but there are some happy thoughts there.

No word on the cousin's funeral.  According to an updated article yesterday, he was found in a vehicle owned by his employer, and a search warrant was executed on the company's offices as part of the investigation.

My old desktop machine continues to slowly kill itself.  Discovered last night that OfficeXP has become corrupted.  However, the Sun StarOffice  5.1 (current version is 8.0, to show this thing's age) package that was original installation is still working just fine, and to satisfy my own curiosity, I downloaded and installed OpenOffice 2.2.  Tiger Direct has some decent desktops (refurbished, but that means still running WinXP instead of Vista) that are comfortably within my budget, and I'm starting to sort through those and determine which one is the best option for me.

Music Meme

Mar. 16th, 2007 09:49 am
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'Cause [profile] kingyak told me to ...

List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1.  "She Sells Sanctuary," The Cult
2.  "God's Gonna Cut You Down," Johnny Cash/"Run," Moby
3.  "My Love Will Not Let You Down," Bruce Springsteen
4.  "Big Sky Country," Chris Whitley
5.  "One Big Love," Emmylou Harris
6.  "Fat Bottomed Girls," Queen
7.  "Invisible Sun," The Police

Tagging the following -
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So very cranky.  Got a couple hundred words done on my Palm TX before Erin's concert last night, but the file wouldn't transfer back to the laptop, and just opening it on the TX made the thing crash.  Trying to dredge it back up from my memory, but it is not working so well.

Sufficiently sick of this project that I'm back to reading source material for what I really want to do.  Current before-bedtime book is Stephen Baxter's Voyage.

Erin's concert was good - she insists that it was one of the worst performances she's ever put on, but either I'm just unable to hear the failings, or she's like me in that she's never happy with what she does.  I honestly think it's the latter.  After the BC jazz and brass and wind and concert ensembles performed, the fusion band performed for a while.  I do not get that at all.  For much of their performance, it seemed like the only goal was to squeeze as much sound into as little linear time as possible.  The other bands, I can listen to and put images or ideas to;  with the fusion band, I was honestly thinking about fusion reactors, or "unholy fusion of [insert things what shouldn't oughta be fused]."  Just not my thing.

Two new CDs yesterday - Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime II and Car Wheels on a Gravel Road by Lucinda Williams.  OM2 is a good follow-up, but it's not quite the piece of work its predecessor is.  Car Wheels is just a joy to listen to.

Dad, having driven for Heartland Express for less than a month, is already looking to jump ship.  The trucks are insufficiently powered for his taste.  At least I get this part of my personality honestly, huh?

Two days until new James Bond.  I have high hopes for this one.


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