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Thanks to the magic of Netflix, I'm rewatching Jericho. A few notes: 1) The first and (truncated) second seasons are almost two different programs, happening to share characters and a conceit. 2) Esai Morales is a really fine actor. 3) I really should have filed the serial numbers off of John Goetz/Ravenwood/Jennings & Rall for use as Spycraft opposition before now.

For a few years, I've had some back-of-the-envelope notes on a Spycraft campaign with a nuclear war between India and Pakistan occurring early in the game. Following the withdrawal of American personnel from Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Karzai government rapidly loses power, with tribal rule becoming the order of the day. Pakistan, already something of a multi-faction hot mess, suffers instability as the ISI decides to launch its own peacekeeping mission. Somewhere along the way, possibly due to player characters, some of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal gets loose - maybe used internally, maybe against a neighbor. However it goes down, the balloon goes up, and quickly, and America's "most important non-NATO ally" and the world's most-populous democracy are devastated. China's biggest rival is crippled. The world holds its breath for a few days. And the game progresses. Agents of every country and not a few NGOs have 1.5 million square miles of ground to cover and countless things to investigate and operations to run. And somewhere in all of this is the J&R equivalent, nicely-representing any number of real-world PMCs.

Not much time to do anything with this before the hoped-for move away from Lexington. It'll make for a good thought experiment for a while, though.
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GenCon 2010 has come and gone, and it was a really terrific show - again.

We arrived early Wednesday afternoon. Plans had been to leave Lexington at noon, but I asked for an earlier departure when I saw (or rather, smelt) that the repair work going on outside my apartment window was on a sewer line. Parked at the hotel and headed to Scotty's Brewhouse for lunch. The rest of the team arrived in the early evening and we finalized plans for the show. Part of this involved using three of the hotel's luggage carts to lug 37 boxes of books over to the convention center for booth setup.

Thursday morning. Up early. Breakfast. Went to the ICC to pick up some material for the day's games - and was able to snag what I was told is the first copy of DC Adventures sold at the show. It's quite lovely. Had some bad news right after that, though. A phone call from my bank to advise me that my debit card had been compromised. They lifted the card's suspension just long enough for me to get enough cash out of an ATM to get me through the weekend. Yay, unexpected stressors. Thursday afternoon's game went well (Fantasycraft), and the players outsmarted most of the dungeon's traps. I still don't like the adventure, but, hey, I'm done with it, so yay. Thursday evening was the Crafty Games seminar, followed by the weekend's second trip to Scotty's. Back to the suite around midnight.

Friday, I slept in. Booth duty in the afternoon. First Spycraft Third Edition game in the evening. Very good stuff. Smart and incredibly entertaining players. Turned in after the game, since ...

... 9AM game on Saturday. Had to deal with one player who didn't quite understand that Spycraft is a brand, and that not all SC games are live-action games. Other than that, a good game. Booth duty in the afternoon. Evening saw dinner at a really good Japanese restaurant. An all-too-brief visit to the meet. Board games in the lobby of another hotel. Very late night. Great time.

Sunday morning, packed up. Loaded the car after one last ridiculously long wait for an elevator. Put in a little extra time at the booth so that the company's partners could make with the schmoozing. Finished my shopping. Crossed paths with a friend from the home county that I hadn't seen in maybe 22 years. Helped tear down the booth at the end of the show, then headed for home. No accidents to stop Interstate traffic for several hours this time. Dropped off my rider and got home around 9:30. Unpacked, did laundry, crawled into my own bed and slept.

Attendance looked to be about the same as last year; heard rumors that it was, in fact, a little higher. The exhibitors hall was very busy, our booth included. Paizo appeared to be doing better business than WotC. More and more women attending.

Besides the aforementioned DC Adventures, I had a modest haul this year. All For One (signed), Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity (signed), Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition and the SW Space: 1889 book, and Sunward (for Eclipse Phase). Got a Stark Industries t-shirt for The Niece and a Blue Lantern one for me. Also got a replica Soviet flag for the office. The first adventure in my Paizo Pathfinder subscription was waiting at my desk when I got to the office this morning, too.

I've started watching Covert Affairs. It's fun, no Burn Notice, but that's a darn high bar. Currently reading Hardwired, by Walter Jon Williams for the nth time.


Apr. 23rd, 2010 11:30 pm
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I'm catching up on the last few episodes of Stargate: Universe, and I have to admit that I'm having a hard time staying interested in this show. It doesn't have any of the fun of its predecessor series. I dislike most of the characters - and honestly, I couldn't tell you many of their names. It just isn't working for me.
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After a terrific dinner Friday night, the suggestion of a Knights of the Old Republic game came up.  Holy cow, could I go for this.  See, in spite of all of the SW games I've run, I've never been a player in one.  And my reading of the KotOR campaign guide has really got me interested in that era.  So, with any luck, in a couple of nights, we'll bat around some more serious discussion.

Last night was the monthly Meetup.  Two GMs had to cancel out, unfortunately, but my Spycraft game went off pretty well.  One new player, even.  And, I expect I'll do another SC game at the next Meetup, too.

Catching Quantum of Solace this afternoon.  Hopefully the timing will work out such that we can avoid the legions of squealing Twilight fans.

Robot Chicken Star Wars 2 is really funny - better than the predecessor, I think.
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Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles got its second season off to a pretty good start Monday night, and Fringe looks promising enough.  On one hand, I'm glad that there's good TV again, especially after that awful glut of reality-show nonsense.  On the other, so much good stuff out there means its easier to miss something worth watching.  It's not a big enough deal for me to start watching shows online with any regularity.

This week as seen something rather momentous in the city's gaming community - two gaming organizations are going to work together on something.  No sniping, no our-club's-better-than-yours nonsense, but actual cooperation.  UKMSU is going to use its resources to start arranging for gaming space for Aaron M's Meetup group.  The first combined event is on Saturday, September 27.  Does this old heart some good to see that happening.

The Thursday night gaming group kicked off a Twilight: 2013 game.  First session went well, well enough to overcome my apathy towards the setting.

Four NFL games on TV today, and only one is of any interest to me.  Tomorrow night's game should be good, though.

Finished reading the Delta Green: Eyes Only compilation this week.  Very good, even 10 years after some of this material was published for the first time.  Now making my way through the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide.

Also reading The List of 7, by Mark Frost.

Yesterday was an unexpected pleasure.  Erin called mid-morning and asked about my plans for the day.  We hung out together for a little while, then met up with [ profile] elalyr  and [ profile] tegyrius  for dinner.  Went to Old Chicago Pizza, which was very good, bought some books, played games.  Oh, and looking at animals at PetSmart.  I need an aquarium.

Time now for a shower and a little Puzzle Quest time.

Morning Sun

Sep. 1st, 2008 07:51 am
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It is 7:50 a.m. on Labor Day.  I suppose it's bad enough that I'm even awake, but on top of that, I'm listening to Fields of the Nephilim.

So, here we are, just a few days past the three-year anniversary of Katrina's landfall near New Orleans, and another very powerful hurricane, Gustav, is a few hours away from hitting the coast, this time on the opposite side of the city from the previous storm.  Some 700 people are still missing from the first time around.  The repairs to the city's flooding defenses are far from complete, and they were never that good to begin with.  Mayor Nagin issued a mandatory evacuation order, and from what I last heard, the vast majority of the city's population were getting out.  The first evacuees assigned to my fair state arrived in Louisville yesterday, and Lexington was deactivated as a refugee site.  Thus far, I haven't heard any jackass screaming about this being their "God's punishment for sin," but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.  The Times-Picayune is still updating their website, and that's a good sign.  I expect to visit there rather a lot today.

iWork is nice.  So much so that I don't expect that I'll need InDesign until it's time to begin laying out material for print.  That makes me happy.

Hunter: the Vigil continues to impress.  Scored a couple of new books at Half-Price Books yesterday (hooray for 20% off weekends) - a beaten-up copy of Boston Unveiled for Mage and a darn-near pristine copy of Feng Shui. 

Writing today, after a quick trip to the grocery in the next little bit.

Because I needed me some football, I watched parts of the UK/UofL game yesterday (forgive me, I was weak).  Holy cow, 27-2, UK.  Louisville did know the game was scheduled for yesterday, right?

Jumping back to crazy sin-obsessed nutjobs for a minute, there was one on an episode of Law & Order yesterday.  Played by Jeffrey Donovan, who I'm more used to seeing as Michael Westen on Burn Notice.

Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans.

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USA is launching a new series called Burn Notice.  It involves an American spy who is abandoned by his agency - hence the title.  Could be good.  Could be awful.  Could put me back in a Spycraft-writing mood.  No matter what, though, it has Bruce Campbell, and therefore will be worth setting the DVR for.
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No icky spider dreams last night.  So very happy with that.  Didn't get enough sleep, but since I spent some time chatting with Erin last night, it's okay.

Tony Blair's stepping down in about 6 weeks, Al Sharpton proved once more to be a dumbass, and OJ Simpson, when trying to take a dinner break from Finding the Real Killers (TM) was tossed out of a hoity-toity steak joint in Louisville.  His lawyer is planning to play the race card, ignoring the fact that Michael Jordan and his party were being taken care of a couple tables away.

Of course, the only things that Jordan's ever killed are NBA records and opposing teams' playoff hopes.  Might have something to do with it.

2-part season finale of Supernatural starts tonight.  Still a fine little show.  I should not be so caught up in a UPN/CW product, but good stuff comes from the strangest places.

Horsemen game this weekend.  Mom&Dad are bringing one of my aunts to this one, and I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm hoping they come up early enough to let me show my aunt some of Lexington, but, knowing my dad, there will be countless hours of pointless screwing around before they get on the road.

Oh - new avatar!
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Sunday was good.  Slept very late (until almost 11), then over to [personal profile] elalyr and [personal profile] tegyrius' house for Trinity.  We've started meeting up an hour or so early so that we may walk around the neighborhood before the game.  I like this a lot, as it's always easier to exercise with others.  After the walk, the game - we got a clear demonstration at how powerful Aberrants are compared to us psions.  Then, I grilled steaks and some kebobs that Elalyr had put together.  I managed to get a steak done up plenty rare for [profile] spoe, which was honestly a new experience for me.

Watched a few episodes of Planet Earth, and it is the most amazing thing.  I'm starting to believe that it may be the reason TV was invented in the first place.

More excellent TV tonight - Heroes returns!  The last five episodes of the season.  I squeal with delight.

Erin and a couple of her friends stayed here last night - the last 35 miles or so of their trip home was just too far for them to manage.  Poor sweet girl.
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Chicago just won the NFC Championship, 39-14.  I have nothing against the Bears, but I really wanted to see the Saints go to the Super Bowl.  Hopefully, the second game of the day will yield more favorable results.

I set up a wireless network for Mom&Dad yesterday.  Took a little wrangling, but eventually WinXP just brute-forced its way to making things work.  Took my niece a new game for her DualScreen - LEGO Star Wars II.  She was extremely happy.

A predicted winter storm never really materialized here.  Woke up this morning to some frozen rain and an iced-over Explorer, but the roads were only wet, thank goodness.

24 continues tomorrow night, opposite the return of Heroes.  I had planned to watch 24 and catch the Heroes repeat on SciFi on Friday nights, but I think I'm just going to abandon 24.  I love the Jack Bauer Power Hour, and am consistently impressed by the show's writers' ability to end every episode with a cliffhanger, but I'm facing some degree of, I don't know, counter-terrorism exhaustion.  I'm tired of seeing Jack face incredible odds and take down the bad guys and find conspiracies everywhere and face his own human weaknesses.  It's like why I never got around to seeing The Return of the King:  I know what I'm getting into - it's big, it's terrific, it's exciting, but I've seen it before, over and again.  Heroes just flat works better for me right now.  I'm more interested in reading Iron Man and Teen Titans and Daredevil and JSA than John Le Carre.  I'm running Mutants & Masterminds, not Spycraft.  All of it's wonderful, but it isn't all interesting.

Time to settle in, read some more ConX, and watch football.


Oct. 16th, 2006 09:53 pm
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I may, in fact, be an ass, but at this moment in time I don't much care anymore about the developmentally disabled child probably taken away by his mother who does not have custody.

The dead social worker throws an interesting spin on this, though.

This Amber Alert text has been running since about 9 p.m., and about all I can think is that it's going to be even more annoying when I watch this again in a few days.
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And another workweek is done.  Cracked up one of my co-workers on Thursday when I commented that it would seem that some of the sales goons have apparently mistaken my department for a gynecologist's office - our job is to produce ads, not cater to festering twats.

Watching a new series on the History Channel called The ArchiTechs.  A group of scientists, engineers, and architects is put together to investigate different approaches to problems - today's episode is high-rise firefighting techniques, and one of the brainstormers is David Brin!

Making plans, this time for real, to get into self-publishing.  Might have something on the market by the end of the year.
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And now, a quick look ahead to winter.  All of 34 degrees out there right now.  Cold and rainy this weekend, and I may not be able to spend much of it with Erin.

My DVR failed to record Jericho last night.  Will try to catch it online sometime.

Tonight's the first session of Aaron's Mutants & Masterminds game.  He's expecting a small turnout, unfortuneately.  I hope he's able to make a go of this.  I need to get my supers on.
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It is exceedingly strange to not wake up in Collinsville this morning.  I should be in Illinois this weekend, dammit.

I think the mail issues have been sorted out.  Got "normal" mail yesterday, including the test message Tegyrius sent.

Got on a real bender writing 2013 this week, too.  Lots of words down, and they're good. Spykeetom is off to IU tomorrow for a saxophone class, and won't be back until very late, so I'm going to spend much of tonight and tomorrow writing more.  No way on Earth I'll finish the entire job this weekend, but I can put a mighty dent into the thing.

Last night was a new episode of Supernatural.  Slight shift away from the Big Plot - murderous clown thing.  For whatever reason, my DVR didn't record it, though.
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I don't pay a lot of attention to the Emmy Awards, but some of last night's winners made me happy:  Keifer Sutherland, Mariska Hargitay, and "24."  Sometimes, good quality gets rewarded.

Watching the Bengals-Packers game right now.  Green Bay is getting shellacked, and Palmer looked terrific.  No further discussion, please, as I'm recording the game for [profile] spykeetom.

*blinks*  The Raiders signed Jeff George today.  He was our quarterback in '97 and '98.  With Art Shell back as head coach, it's starting to look like everything old is new again.  I am confused.  But, heck, the Raiders are 4-0 in the preseason, so something must be going right.


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