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Sep. 2nd, 2014 11:12 pm
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Sunday was about as lost a day as I could manage and still have been awake for. Slept late, read, slept some more, studied, read, slept. Monday was much the same, but I got out to watch UofL take on Miami in the Cards' ACC debut.

Something of a surprise in that outing - we were going to meet at a particular restaurant in Middletown for the game, but they were closed for Labor Day. I was not at all expecting a restaurant to be closed for the holiday, especially a wing joint on a big damn sports day here in Louisville, but much love to the owners/management for observing it. We redeployed to Wick's, and had a great experience there. And after a shaky start, Louisville ran away with the game, winning 31-13. Not as decisive a victory as the Russell Athletic Bowl win in December (36-9 against Miami, wherein the Hurricanes accused UofL of running up the score, but whatever - bring your goddamn defense and that won't happen), but a good showing in the new conference.

Western Kentucky's football team had a heck of an opening day, too. Their quarterback threw for 569 yards, no interceptions, and six touchdowns. I don't care if you're in a mid-major conference, those are some terrific numbers, and I'm of a mind to get down to Bowling Green some weekend and check this action out. For maximum effect, I should go to the season closer against Marshall, because I think I may just be enough of a jerk to go to Huntington with a WVU shirt over my UofL tee and be loud as all get-out for WKU.

If you're going to troll a fanbase, troll 'em hard.


Holiday-shortened week of classes. Dad's birthday this coming weekend. Class projects already underway.
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Sweet Christmas, this weekend.

The last hour of Friday's workday saw some last-minute cleanup of a few niggling problems, coupled with a building-wide failure of the voicemail system (so I couldn't leave the mandated out-of-office message, but whatever). Got home, had an okay-enough dinner date, and sat up until the wee hours playing games.

Went to Liberty Saturday morning and spent a few hours with Mom. Came back to Lexington and had A Talk with a friend who called looking for absolution or something like it, and instead got a dressing-down over an ugly history of behavior. I'm reinstating the "Bro, No" policy over this, by the way. Then, because I needed to return some long-borrowed items and have a conversation with not-needy people who have their act together, went to do so, and received a kick-ass birthday gift from same. Went home, read and binged on Netflix.

The "Bro, No" policy, by the way, states that as long as I'm not in a romantic relationship, then I can choose to not listen to any male friend complain about his, especially if it's over things that he caused. Maybe dickish, but I've got my limits.

Saturday morning's drive to Mom&Dad's took a detour from my normal route. For a few weeks, I've had, of all things, the elementary schools in my home county on my mind. Despite the relatively small size of most of Kentucky's counties, there is quite a bit of Casey that is blank on my personal map. So, going on memories over a quarter-century old, I went looking for two of them. I found one, Douglas Elementary, but struck out on the other, Cox Elementary. I know that I had to have driven very close to Cox's site, if not right by it, but didn't see the building for whatever reason. It may have been torn down; the school was closed in 1988 and its students sent to two or three of the other schools in the county. I'll try again when next I go for a visit; with luck, Dad will be home and I can call on his knowledge.

I had plans to take my niece to a Kentucky Xtreme indoor football game on Sunday, but the game was cancelled/postponed for "scheduling conflicts." We decided to get out and make a day of it anyway. She's developed a lactose intolerance, so our traditional visit to Impellizzeri's wasn't in the offing. Home Run Burgers instead (darn good). Bookstores, Fan Outfitters, The Louisville Game Shop, and ending at Vint for coffee and a couple games of Pandemic. Weather deteriorated throughout the day, and as we wrapped up the second game, things got bad. Got her home to J-town (saw four wrecks on I-64 between the Grinstead and Hurstbourne interchanges) and headed home myself. The Interstate was a mess; I never got past 55MPH and was closer to 45 for most of the drive. Several wrecks of varying severity along the route, but deft hands and a pure heart prevailed, and I got home safely after about two hours. Watched a terrible movie, and slept for about eight hours, only interrupted when BCTC sent out a delayed opening message at 5:45AM - but this is Spring Break, so no problem for me.

Much to do this week. I'm way behind the curve on getting my GenCon team together; need to file my taxes and get that information to the Department of Education; need to contact my advisor at UofL SPHIS and set up meetings there; need to call about apartments and jobs for the impending move. Ain't going to lie. I'd love to go back to the office next week and print and present my two weeks' notice.
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We've had a brief break from the cold this weekend. I spent most of yesterday studying, got a call from CPTAAL late in the afternoon, and rounded up some of the usual folks to go out for a while. Started off with 47 Ronin, which was a lot better than I expected.

Went to Marikka's after the movie, and got to see things turn very very strange over the course of a couple of hours. A strangely arbitrary situation, to steal from Neuromancer. All ended well enough.

Slept until midday today. Watched hockey - played in Yankee Stadium, which is pretty cool. More studying. Read a little bit.
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Friday night - left work a few minutes early, ran out to CostCo, grilled some ridiculously thick-cut chops, enjoyed a quiet and not-super-cold evening.

Saturday - went to Louisville for a model train show, swung by a game store to see a buddy for the first time in way too long, went to dinner with a friend and her ... well, son's pretty close, but it's complicated. Talked about the probable move and related matters, like housing and work while in school.

Today - slept in, decided that I was going to blow off pretty much everything. Stayed in pajamas, read some L5R material, discovered that my trusty old roaster oven makes a pretty good slow cooker.

And I wrote a little bit, too. Couple thousand words. Seeds from five years ago. Sometimes the wheels grind slowly; hopefully they'll grind fine.
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I'm starting off the last day of a four-day weekend. It's been, mostly, a good stretch away from the office (and, hey, I've got another one in 57 hours). Friday and Sunday were the best days, and I'm going to credit getting out of and away from the apartment with that. No grand adventures or day trips, just running some errands, but it got me off of the couch for a few hours early in the day, and that kept me from just being a slug all day.

It seems to have paid off a little bit. One of my goals was to finish up a proposal for a SF game setting, and late last night, I got the response - "I'd like to see more." So, today's going to see some IM discussion and laying the foundation of this thing. And I'm going to make myself get out of the apartment to work on this today.

My game club is stepping up! One returning member has put out a call for an open and ongoing game to be played at game days. One of my regulars is pitching two options for the inadvertent post-apocalypse day in a few weeks. I'm still planning my own games, but if these come together, the additional options are going to be fantastic to have around.

Thanksgiving is this week, and to the best of my memory, this is the first time I've had the entire four-day weekend off from work since '96. I'm looking forward to it, even if (or maybe because) I don't have any plans between Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon. As long as I'm not by myself or camped out at a hospital or something, I'll be happy enough. Or shopping on Friday. That's anti-fun.

Dead Drop

Oct. 27th, 2013 11:58 am
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This hasn't been the most productive weekend, but it's been a good one. Did next to nothing on Friday - slept in, listened to a few episodes of Welcome to Night Vale, read, played XCOM. Saturday, skipped off to Louisville for a Shadowrun game. Today, have made a much-too-large grocery run (but it's led to a lot of stuff going into the slow cooker), went for a walk, and now, I'm catching a few episodes of The Equalizer.

There's an upcoming feature film, by the way, with Denzel Washington in the title role. Should be worth checking out.

Caught a brief TED talk on jealousy this morning. Appropriately-timed.
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This has been a decent weekend. Went out for drinks and a late dinner with a couple of friends Friday night, lunch and some errands with Mom yesterday, and a mix of napping, watching Marvel Anime, and reading a couple of Free RPG Day adventures today. Not chock-full of excitement, but I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Received word today that Iain Banks has died. He announced his terminal cancer to the world in April, in a message that was equally brave and humorous and sad. Banks was, by all indications, a heck of a good man, and I can vouch that he was a terrific writer. And he was proudly a science fiction writer - when once asked if he wrote SF just to pay the bills while working on non-genre books, he assured the questioner that it was in fact the other way around.
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This was, unfortunately, a lost weekend.

Plans to go to Louisville on Saturday for a roller derby bout were disrupted because some people can't bother with a simple phone call. Less than thrilled with this.

Sunday started off well, at least. Long-overdue trip to the grocery. Watched the last three episodes of Fringe. Settled in to write. For whatever reason, some recent writing blocks didn't show themselves, and I managed to get quite a bit done. Put the fantasy project to the side for a while and went back to an older action-espionage project. Mixed that in with some fiction. Felt good about it when I stepped back for a reread and evaluation.

Lengthy phone conversation with CPTAAL, on his drive back from Louisville. He had a good weekend, at least.

Oh, hey, for you Jane Siberry fans out there, she's giving away the whole catalog.


Jan. 1st, 2010 04:50 pm
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Previous friend-locked post? Times a thousand.

Got out of the office around 1:30, but D couldn't leave the clinic early, as they had an emergency surgery come in. We got together shortly after she got to town. Late dinner, then up until an ungodly hour talking. Got together for breakfast this morning and then watched the Auburn-Northwestern game. Good times.

Doing some writing this afternoon, maybe getting out for a while this evening.

Currently reading Spin State, by Chris Moriarty. Recommended.

I'm feeling quite good, and still have an entire normal weekend ahead. RoXXor.
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The rest of the weekend:

Friday night, hung out with CPTAAL. Unable to find a theater that wasn't packed. Watched DVDs, talked comics, made bad jokes about exes.

Saturday, hung out with other friends. Played FFG's Battlestar Galactica boardgame. Wrote.

Sunday, saw Avatar. Mind blown. Watched football, mostly disappointed, but congrats Bengals! 2.5-hour phone conversation, and have a date for New Year's Eve.
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I could do with more days like yesterday.  Had three main options for the day - lay around the living room, go to a party in Knoxville, or go look at something cool.  The last option was the big winner.

I picked up [ profile] elalyr and [ profile] tegyrius and off we went to the Air Force museum in Dayton.  I hadn't been in a few years, and the last trip was very very short, so we headed out reasonably early and got there in time for a leisurely walk around.  Lots of good stuff to see, of course - some old familiar exhibits, and a few new ones, like an Avrocar!  The missile/spacecraft tower was open, and rather eerie for me, at least.  The big surprise was placed in an almost innocuous location - tucked along one wall in the Cold War hangar was an honest-to-God MiG-29.  It's a good-looking aircraft, and as Elalyr noted, the information on how this particular plane came to be in the museum's collection was conspicuously absent.

After the museum, some shopping.  Big-ass mall on the northeast side of Cincy for a visit to the Apple store, then over to Jungle Jim's.  Holy cow.  Where to start with this?  It's a grocery, but calling that is like calling Tiger Woods some dude that plays golf every few weekends.  An entire wall of cheeses.  30 linear feet of honeys.  Produce I'd never heard of before.  Aisles set up for goods from other countries - one country to an aisle (or alcove).  Dear heavens, the seafood counter.  Look, if you're in the area, and consider food to be more than just fuel for an organic engine, go.  Set aside a few hours to just wander around.

I slept late today.  Got up around 9:30, played Civ 4 for a while.  Watched The Atomic Cafe.  Watching football.  Writing some.  Will do laundry soon.

Almost finished reading Altered Carbon, and I have really enjoyed it.

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I could genuinely do with lots more days like yesterday.  Goofed around for much of the morning before getting scrubbed up and heading out.

Went to the Scabbard and picked up Legacies: The Sublime for Mage.  As of this morning, I'm about halfway through it, and don't regret the purchase at all.

Next was testing an idea.  Went to the main branch of the LexPubLib to see if I could get any amount of writing done there.  The answer:  Yes.  Likely more than I would have gotten here at home.  I'm going to test other locations from time to time.

Watched Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker on Cartoon Network, and I'm now regretting dismissing the series way back when.

Had a couple of good phone conversations to round out the night.
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Got out of the office a half-hour or so early on Friday, and headed for Berea.  Picked up Erin, and we came back to Lexington.  Snuggled up on the couch and watched Heroes.  Saturday, did a proofreading/grammar checking job for a church's upcoming magazine, watched the Iron Man animated DVD again - happily, Erin enjoyed it, and she's not a big IM fan.  Dinner with Mom&Dad and an uncle&aunt.  Today, back to Berea and services at Union Church (Erin conducting the handbell choir).  The church I proofed for is happy with my work, and more will be coming my way in the future.  Just have to generate an invoice for them, and a check for $4/page proofed is on its way to me.  Not going to quit the day job, but this will pay my car insurance bill.

Nice snowfall this morning on the drive to Berea.  Covered the ground for a few hours before old Sol came out and melted it away.  I slipped on some ice and wrenched my left knee pretty good, so it wasn't all Norman Rockwell.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a used copy of the D20 Modern rule book.  I remain a Spycraft partisan for modern-day usage;  D20 Modern isn't a bad system, and it does things well, but it doesn't do anything in a particularly interesting way.  It's like tofu to Spycraft's thick-cut bacon.

8 p.m., and I feel like I could go to sleep already.  I'm getting old.


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