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I packed and I discarded and I sorted and I cleaned, and it still took five damn trips to get everything to the farm. I could have kept the truck an extra day and just about broken even on the rental and fuel costs. I turned in my keys this morning and got back to the farm as quickly as I could. Wanted one more lunch at Noodles & Co., but I was feeling more than a little funky. I'll get my fix in Indy.

So, I've added a household-and-a-half's goods to the already crowded and cluttered house here at the farm. It's too warm here, and I'm running a box fan to keep air moving around so that I don't feel like I'm suffocating all the time.

I feel like a hypocrite. I've griped to Mom for years about the sheer amount of crap filing up this house (and the garage, too), but this move has made me see that I have some of those borderline hoarding tendencies. I threw out more stuff this time than I would have believed - not just large items (couch, table, chairs) but boxes of old ... stuff. There's still too damn much, though. I'm committed to the Kindle purchase and related sell-off of most of my books, and a real purge of the RPGs. Right now, the only RPG material that I can comfortably say won't get the axe ... anything from Crafty, anything I've worked on, anything signed/personalized, Mutants & Masterminds, Star Wars, World of Darkness, L5R, 7th Sea, Shadowrun, and Delta Green/Call of Cthulhu. Maybe a few one-volume games. Future purchases will have to be pretty spectacular to merit a print purchase. I've got a 500GB external hard drive that will be dedicated to PDF storage. I'll run games off of the iPad.

Mom's asked me to help out with a housecleaning here, too, and I am on board. Room-by-room, tossing things, and with serious prejudice. It may take a year, but by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, we'll take this house back from years of cruft. And Dad's going to have to be part of this. He's got so much junk filling up the place. A place that's going to be mine someday (for however long is to be determined), and I'd rather get rid of this crap now, while they can help me make the decisions.

A few things to get out of the car, and then a shower, and a trip to the grocery.

Too Much

May. 25th, 2014 11:58 pm
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This should be my last-to-night in Lexington. If things go as planned, tomorrow I'll get the last of my material possessions boxed and packed and take them to the farm or to a storage facility somewhere.

I had a lot of help with loading up a 17' U-Haul truck today, and was reminded again that I have awesome friends. And my parents are wonderful beyond words for letting me store pretty much everything at the farm for the next few weeks.

Now, for the bad.

I own entirely too much goddamn stuff. Especially books and role-playing games. Goddamn, the boxes of books. Ridiculous. Hundreds of the things. Hundreds of pounds of them. This is a problem. People, that truck was 2/3 full and while much of that volume was furniture and appliances, so many boxes of books. As a straight-up technofetishist, I really should be deeper into electronic books and shit.

(Warning: Poster got back to his somewhat emptier apartment, took a shower, and poured himself a strong drink. As the observant reader may have noticed, I am under the influence of liquor. Have one yourself, and carry on.)

So, I am planning to purge the everloving hell out of some bookshelves. I'm going to start with the non-gaming side, as I think those will be easier to let go. Some books will stick around, of course - anything signed, items with VERY strong emotional ties - but other stuff is going to HPB or a recycling center. Look, yes, books are awesome and they have a tactile presence that nothing else in the world has. And for that, I'll soon have the Louisville Free Public Library, taking the place of the Lexington Public Library for me. I'm going to catalog all the books I have boxed up, and I'm going to make a big damn (I swear a lot when I'm wound up and have had a drink) shopping list and I'm going to finally buy myself a Kindle. Probably a non-3G Paperwhite model. Yes, I know there's a Kindle app for my iPad. I'm planning on some compartmentalization. I'd like to be able to get rid of (or repurpose!) the larger of my bookcases, and just have the smaller cases with physical books.

Now. The other books. The RPGs, some of which I swear to Gibson I've had since 1986 (Star Frontiers, which was okay when the Satanic Panic made my brother and me sell off our BECMI D&D stuff). Those, I'm going to have a much harder time parting with, but I have a plan. Except for a very few titles, GoodReader + iPad is cooler than the other side of the pillow. I'm going to take another, much harder look at my RPG inventory and be somewhat draconian with this set of cuts. For example, why the heck do I still have Freeport items, or Monte Cook's World of Darkness or, heck, Traveller: TNE for that matter? Damn, man, I'm going to be busting my huge ass on proving myself to SPHIS, I ain't got time for a creaking paper library.

It's midnight. I gotta go to sleep and let my subconscious think on this. More news as I make it.
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It's Opening Night for Major League Baseball. The Yankees are currently up 5-1 over the Red Sox. The season begins for real tomorrow, and there are at least two games I'll be able to listen to during the workday. Should make things go better at 100 Midland.

I've been an utter slug today. Slept late, got in a little WoW time, slept some more. Managed to write a teeny-tiny bit, and while it's a very small step, it felt good.

Moved furniture yesterday - picked up a couch with [ profile] tegyrius  in Louisville for [ profile] elalyr  and him (and he accompanied on this godawful errand run), then down to Liberty to get a bedroom suite from my grandmother's house. It was not uneventful, unfortunately, because of family stuff - Dad threw his obligatory hissyfit when things weren't done just how he thinks they should have; ultimately, that worked out for the best as it kept him out of the way while T and I took care of loading the van. Plenty of stupid on the drive back to my place, though - random pedestrian stepped right off the sidewalk and into the street in front of us, and T reported he had a I-just-shat-myself look on his face when I leaned on the horn and the pedestrian turned to see two tons of Ford Econoline bearing down on him. More troubling (and irritating) was at my apartment, where a herd of small children were riding bikes/tricycles right into the path of every vehicle they could find. This was worth a call to The Local Constabulary, who hopefully came out and rounded up some parents. For those of you out there that do take your parenting duties seriously, thank you. These, though... damn, keep an eye on your crotchfruit. Evolution takes no prisoners.

Conglomeration is next weekend, as well as D's birthday. Hoping for a good time.

Quick hits - Cthulhu Invictus is a pretty good read, if sometimes a little bit sparse, and I'm enjoying the heck out of The Trouble With Islam, by Irshad Manji.
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Moved, but not yet unpacked.  Can't find remotes.

My desktop PC may be dying.  May be replacing it soon, but not sure right now.  Have to replace a door handle on the Mustang.  Again.

Gaming has gone through massive changes.  I have removed the Viking Hat, and feel good about it.  So far, no one's really picked it up.  I hope someone does, but I won't worry about that for a good long time.

More later.
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More packing today.  And some vicious culling of junk.  Lots of stuff that just doesn't need to be moved again. 

I won't have cable reconnected until Tuesday morning.  Means I'll miss NFL opening weekend.  May go to BW3 on Sunday for the Bengals game and a break from packing-moving-unpacking-setting up.

Two players have batted around the idea of taking over the regular Thursday night game.  Maybe something will come together by next week.

Okay.  Going into storage - all of the old WoD stuff.  Quite possibly junking the cabinet part of my computer desk and the entire painting bench.
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We've lost the Crocodile Hunter.
Just a handful of days left at this apartment.  All the packing and cleaning in the world is on my agenda for today.  The track on my model railroad is being glued down so I don't have to reassemble the layout at the new place.  Books are boxed.  I'm probably going to have a hundred pounds of trash out of my bedroom.

Locals - I'm going to be calling on you for help Friday evening/Saturday morning.  I'll move scads of boxed stuff and small furniture on my own Friday morning and afternoon, but the couches and some of my bookshelves are going to require assistance.  Compensation in pizza and good moving karma.
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Labor Day weekend.  Spiritual end of summer.  It's been cool and gray since Thursday, with rain here and there.

Today and tomorrow are going to be spent packing and cleaning in preparation for next weekend's move to a new apartment.  Same complex, but a smaller unit.  Some creative placement of stuff will be required, but it's nothing I haven't done before.


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