Jan. 16th, 2017

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My players got me out of the jam I'd written us into, and we had a good action-packed session Friday night. Got in some space combat for the Ace and enough spotlight time for everyone else. Next up, more Jedi action, introducing an Inquisitor.

The first pairings for the Corellian Conflict are assigned. Task Force 29 is defending Corfai against an Imperial attack. Just have to coordinate schedules with my opponent.

After last weekend's mostly-terrible wild card games, I had hope for better games in the divisionals. I mostly got my wish. Better games, although only one went the way I wanted - Atlanta over Seattle. Green Bay beat Dallas by a field goal, and the Steelers got past the Chiefs. Also New England beat the Texans, so I'm pulling for the eventual NFC champion in the Super Bowl. Best part of the weekend was watching the Dallas game with some of the cohort.

Swapped out some old and half-functional tech for an equally old but fully functional piece, and finally set up the Echo Dot I was given for Christmas. The Dot ... I don't know quite what to do with it.


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