Mar. 20th, 2017

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Spring Break was a bit of a wash, but it made a lot of progress towards completing my onsite hours requirement for the practicum. In fact, I'll hit that mark on Friday, and then I can put a stake in that motherfucker. Write up my report and put the presentation and poster together and that thing is done.

Still a lot of work to do. Graduation is less than eight weeks away, and I think the last day of the semester is 38 days out. With any luck, Integration will be done on the 3rd. One individual paper, one paired presentation, one team paper for Social Determinants, and that's done. Big ugly paper and project for Policy, and that's done. Train wreck of a group project and some niggling assignments, and Evaluation is done. Planning on many many long nights over the next month.

Had a talk with Dr. Wilson before class this afternoon. He wanted to confirm that the practicum was on track, and seemed pleased that I'd logged a whole lot of hours this month. We're going to have a longer discussion soon about me pursuing another degree in 2018.

I'm not exactly dissatisfied with the HPBS program, but I'm not in love with it, either. I've gotten as much out of my Management Systems electives as I did any of the HPBS courses, and Dr. Esterhay made a heck of a pitch for the new MHA program. It's interesting, and there are really good employment prospects there, but it's just not really something I can see me doing. I've ruled out a PhD or DrPH at this stage - that three-year process would put me just shy of 50 at completion, and I feel like that would be better as a career capstone with active retirement prospects. What's looking good now is an epidemiology MS. Epi was my first choice for the MPH concentration, and I opted out of it for stupid reasons. If the Epi department accepts my HPBS coursework as the bulk of the second-year elective workload, then I can pick up the MS in a year of classes and a semester or two of thesis work. Looking at job postings, I see a lot of epidemiology slots to be filled, and the paired Masters have to look good. More conversations to come.

Saw Logan over the break, in Baxter Avenue Filmworks' ridiculously comfortable recliners. It is a damned good movie, if more than a little bleak. Jackman and Stewart are phenomenal, and Dafne Keen ... she reminded me of Hailee Stansfield's turn in True Grit. Spectacular. If this is indeed the last appearance of Jackman and Stewart as Wolverine and Professor X, they have sure enough gone out on a heck of a high note.


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