Apr. 11th, 2017

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Three years ago today, I left my job at the LHL after 14-and-a-half years there. I survived numerous mass layoffs, a couple of near-firings, changes in assignments and teams, and towards the end, constant attacks on my mental health. I don't miss it. I miss a lot of the people.

Since then, I've faced trials of wholly different kinds. As noted in a previous LJ entry, I've fallen, but in almost every case, I've fallen forward, and I'm okay with that. I'm facing some uncertainty in the job hunt, as I don't really want to leave Louisville, and if I stay in Kentucky, it will almost have to be here or back to Lexington. One of my professors cracked a good-natured joke about my career plans within earshot of the dean yesterday morning, leading to an informal chat and some suggestions from him. My plans have changed - I don't know that I want to work in rural healthcare anymore, having a lot more interest in drug treatment and policy and emergency preparedness.

First, though, finishing the program. Last night was the final presentation of the somewhat useless Integration class; final exam next week, and that sucker is done. Some discussion tonight in Social Determinants and a short group paper, and it's done. Paper and policy dev for the Policy course, presentation next week. Two presentations in evaluation, one this week and one off-site next, and that's done. And my practicum presentation on the 24th, and that's it. Assuming I hit the markers, I'll be a freshly-minted Master of Public Health.

I, and my classmates, have been dissatisfied with this final semester of our program. Classes seemed haphazardly put together, and the crossover course with the nurse practitioners has turned out to be a smoking mess. Our evaluations have not been kind. It's only cathartic for us; hopefully, they'll help the future students.


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