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Upon inspection in the bright light of day, the damage to the Mustang isn't as severe as I'd thought.  The driver's side headlight assembly will have to be replaced, but the fender isn't creased, just pushed inwards a little bit.  No structural damage to the bumper, although the paint is badly messed up.  I'm dropping it off in Liberty this morning (although I haven't quite wrangled the logistics of getting back to Lexington), as Dad has already spoken to two body shops down there about repairs.

So, upon further review, I think I'm going to go to GenCon.  I can swing a loan from Dad to cover the Mustang repairs (or, if it comes to this, store the little guy until my 10KB check arrives), and my insurance rates may not increase significantly.  So, for anyone still in need of a hotel room and not bothered about being out at the airport, let's talk.

Almost finished reading Mage: the Awakening, and I'm very impressed with it.  I loved Purple Mage in all of its bugnuts glory, but Awakening may very well eclipse it.  It's more coherent, definitely more personal, and beginning characters can actually do cool stuff.

[personal profile] elalyr and [personal profile] tegyrius took me out for a while last night.  We wound up at Joseph-Beth, of course, and the Harry Potter line was plenty deep.  I shamefully appreciated no small number of the schoolgirl outfits, and Tegyrius' highly-advanced targeting system immediately locked onto the representatives from the Stinky Trenchcoat Brigade.
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No M&M game last night.  S was quite sick when she came to work yesterday, and only got worse as the day went on.  She was sent back home, and I stuck around to take care of the night's print manifests.  Another delay.  Can't make it up this weekend, as I've got a little side work coming my way, which is also torpedoing my planned trip to Louisville.

Wednesday, about half-an-hour after I got to the office, the phone rings.  Our department tends to be the net which catches a great many random calls, because ours is the only one with the word "service" in the name.  So, the not-especially-clever voice-activated switchboard sends anyone with a "customer service" request to my extension, and I have to listen to sometimes entertaining, sometimes inane stories before I can deflect them off to someone else.  But I digress.  The caller asked if we could recommend someone who does freelance proofreading and some grammar checking.  Well, says me to myself, no sense passing something like this off to some git in the newsroom.  I give the gentleman the 60-second rundown of my credentials, we exchange e-mail addresses, and a resume zips off to him.  Response is positive, and the job is mine.  Maybe a one-time thing, maybe quarterly, maybe bi-monthly.  Either way, it's a bonus paycheck for a few hours' work.  The job is for one of the big scary kilochurches (not quite a megachurch, but still too big for my liking, you understand), but, hey, I'm sure their check will spend just as well as anybody else's, and with a large membership, maybe this can get some networking underway.

Burned through the $50 Amazon gift certificate from work night before last.  Got a notification yesterday afternoon that both packages had been shipped, and one may arrive today.

Need to do a quick little fix on the Mustang this morning.  Haven't driven it in a few days, and should rectify that today.


Sep. 14th, 2006 09:53 am
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I needed a part for my Mustang.  Called three Ford dealerships on Wednesday morning.  Paul Miller ("Kentucky's Big One - Yeah!") quoted me $102, and said the part would be here Friday afternoon.  Man O' War said $83, arriving Thursday afternoon.  Jack Kain says $67, and I can pick it up when their parts department opens up Thursday morning (today), or they can ship it to my apartment or work on their nickel on Friday.  Good enough for me, and the part is ordered.  Go to Jack Kain this morning, arriving 5 minutes after the parts department opens.  My part is sitting on the counter, waiting for me.  When the department head enters my contact information, he tells me that, since I drove in from east Lexington at such an ungodly hour, he'll knock $10 off of the price.  Locals - should you need Blue Oval parts, head out US 60.

Unpacking continues.  Last night was a much needed break for some pizza and camaraderie.

Today, my employer has a front-page headline including the phrase "teenage camel jockeys."  I am tickled, and hope that this becomes a band name soon.

WVLK's own Jack Pattie, reporting on Britney Spears pumping out another unit yesterday, noted that it was, indeed, just a few days less than a year from the birth of her first child, therefore checking off another item on her White Trash To-Do List.

Frackin' Charleston, West Virginia, has a gaming con next month.  I have got to get some organization and stuff done towards having one here in April or so.  Just the Games Day, for starters.
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Moved, but not yet unpacked.  Can't find remotes.

My desktop PC may be dying.  May be replacing it soon, but not sure right now.  Have to replace a door handle on the Mustang.  Again.

Gaming has gone through massive changes.  I have removed the Viking Hat, and feel good about it.  So far, no one's really picked it up.  I hope someone does, but I won't worry about that for a good long time.

More later.


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