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Saturday was a long one. One of the jagoffs that bailed on us was scheduled to work the booth with FI in the afternoon. I filled the spot, meaning that I was in the Exhibitor's Hall for eight hours. Ended with some very hurty feet, friends and neighbors. Another soak, then pizza from Hot Box, some card games, and then bedtime.

Sunday saw very good end-of-show sales at our booth. Little Wizards moved for real, an there was a surge in Mistborn AG sales. Had to deal with some drama on the team, and that'll probably result in at least one member not being invited back for 2014. Was drafted into an early-morning meeting with our distributor, and got word on some upcoming products and promotions.

So much more to report.

Had a nice talk with James Sutton, the CEO of the current incarnation of FASA Games. He moved to Cincy from New Zealand a couple of years ago following a family tragedy, and is rebuilding his life and that of some game lines at the same time. We're planning to get together sometime in the coming weeks to chat and expand our respective networks a bit.

One of my bosses at Crafty is going to be in NKY for a couple of weeks in late September, helping Twilight Creations to handle some of their suddenly-massive workload. Twilight recently landed a Holy Grail-caliber deal for a small-press game publisher, and with the death of the male half of the husband-and-wife team that makes up the company's permanent staff, they're in a bind. I've been asked to pitch in as well, on a to-be-determined duration. So, hey, that's some kind of good news, right?

I gave in and made a few purchases. A B-Wing, TIE Bomber, and second A-Wing from FFG - still very hard to get my hands on a TIE Interceptor. The Conspiracies Sourcebook for ConX. Universe Guide for DC Adventures. Deadlands Noir and its Companion. The massive Second City boxed set for L5R (MSRP $80, got it brand-new for $25).

Our Spycraft Third games got overwhelmingly positive results. Now that the convention's over, and we've seen that the new edition has traction, we're going to open up beta testing to the general public very soon. This sexy piece of work's coming together at last, alongside Ten Thousand Bullets and a couple of other too-long-delayed products. We're planning to support and promote six lines at next year's show.

I'm off tomorrow to recover and rest up. Planning to binge on Netflix and do little else. Read a little, maybe. Probably not put on pants, unless I get very energetic and go to the grocery.
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The shortened workweek started off with more bad news. Eight more layoffs at work, and furloughs or reduction in work-hours for most everyone. I'm still employed, but morale was blown to splinters. Wednesday brought another shock - my absolutely terrific manager is leaving next week. I can't blame her, but she's far and away the best manager in the division, and I can't help but think she's going to be succeeded by an ineffectual nutjob who never should have been let back into the building.

Stress and burnout and gamer ADD took their toll on my Spycraft game. I brought it to an end mid-mission. While I do dearly love SC, the only GMing I've done in about a year-and-a-half has been in that system or its descendant, and, to be honest, it was feeling stale. I've handed the Viking Hat off, and hopefully the group will see consensus on what game to play next soon enough. I've been invited into another group for a Hollow Earth Expedition game, and that's exciting, and I'm watching the players of yet a third group hammer out the details of a Star Trek game that I'll be a drop-in player for.


Jul. 20th, 2006 02:03 pm
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37 years ago today, the first manned lunar landing was accomplished.  Having reached a quarter-million miles into space, we've dropped back to low Earth orbit for decades.  Yes, Galileo and Cassini and Viking and Pathfinder and Spirit and Opportunity and all of their counterparts are fantastic machines, but they're not enough.

Shifting topics wildly.

Spycraft tonight.  Hoping to carry on last session's excitement and intrigue.  I've got scads of ideas, and I need to winnow some of them out before the session begins.
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Even though I've been doing it for something like 23 years, there are times when I question my skills at running a game and keeping my players entertained.  I've felt a bit of a lull in the Spycraft game, and last week, I threw out an idea to my players.

I am, as most of you know, a big Michael Mann fan - especially Miami Vice and Heat.  The latter is easily one of my favorite movies.  I'm using it as a model, and tonight was the first session where I really put that to the test.

I have some incredibly talented and intelligent players, most of whom have a real feel and appreciation for the cop genre.  They have talented and capable characters, and have often run roughshod over the opposition.  To be honest, much of the opposition has been dumb as a sack of hammers, as most low-level and unsuccessful criminals are.

My plan for the new "season" of the game is to present a crew of criminals that are the equals of my players' characters.  As smart and clever and capable - professionals against professionals.

And tonight, I think I batted close to a thousand.

The session started off with a little bit of training.  [personal profile] tegyrius suggested it, and I dug on the idea.  [profile] spykeetom plays a FBI forensic investigator (she's a big CSI fan);  her character was asked to grade the rest of the team on their investigation of a crime scene.  As she wrapped up the evaluation and gave her teammates some pointers, the call came in on a bank robbery that had escalated into a hostage situation.

The robbers were smart.  They used some high-end computer equipment to create a real-time simulation of what was going on in the bank - the bank's security cameras showed the six gunmen walking around the hostages, while in reality, the bank was completely deserted.  The hostages were never harmed - in fact, they were evacuated to a safe location while the robbers made their escape.

My players have some real opposition on their hands.  Spykeetom paced the living room for several long minutes when we got home, trying to piece things together and come up with theories.  The rest of the team, I'm hoping, have done the same.

I'm looking forward to next week.  I'm hoping for lots of e-mail traffic (we sometimes handle investigations that way) between now and Thursday.

Man.  This was fun.
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Last night's Spycraft game:

The cops leaned on some witnesses - one, a hospitalized corrupt officer, the other a pawn shop owner who desperately wanted out from under the Russian mob's thumbs.  Both witnesses led them further along the path towards the presumed center of redfella influence in the ECPD, and his handler in the mob.  A young officer who had fallen in with the bad crowd was convinced to work for the PCs, and led them to a kidnapping.  A chase, a firefight, arrests, and the promise of further double-agentry.

Going to Liberty tomorrow to see my grandmother.  I'm getting a better handle on things.  Not completely under control, but getting there.

D&D game on Sunday.

9 days.


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