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Jul. 21st, 2008 09:41 am
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The Horsemen game was so-so.  Iowa won 54-44.  Iowa has a very cool helmet design - the team name is Barnstormers, and their helmets have a graphic of old-style pilot's goggles pushed up above the player's eyes.  And there was a bat flying around Rupp!  Poor little guy - I hope he was caught and released back outside.

Saw Hellboy II yesterday afternoon.  Good, not up to the first movie, though.  The elf prince and princess were dead-center in my Uncanny Valley, and they kept me unnerved throughout.  Dinner after the movie was a good time.
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On the drive to work yesterday morning, I noticed a smoke plume coming from the northern part of downtown.  Turned out to be a fire at a small warehouse on Jefferson Street - a business that deals in pyrotechnics for theater and other stage shows.  I am extremely disappointed that I've lived here for 15 years and didn't know that there was a fireworks warehouse here until it burned down.  No deaths, one firefighter being treated for heat exhaustion.  No massive explosion of the sort that we occasionally get out of Chinese fireworks factories.

I figure it's the Webb goons looking to level another building so they can put up another tower that nobody wants to lease space in.

I expected this week to be a monster at work, but it's been pretty stable.  Just a few things to knock out today, and next week, it'll be back to less-abnormal.  For two weeks, until another rep goes on vacation.

Tomorrow night is the final Horsemen home game of the season.  I've only gone to about half of the home games this year, and scheduling prevented me from getting to either of the games in Louisville.  Very disappointing.
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My feet are all better.  By Friday afternoon, there was no discomfort at all, and I have learned an important lesson about maintaining a level of activity.  My next vacation from 100 Midland Avenue will involve lots more walking, that's for sure.

The Lexington Horsemen beat the Bloomington Xtreme Saturday night, advancing to the UIFL championship game.  They'll play the Sioux Falls Storm, who are heavy favorites.  The game was very good, and much closer than the final score (67-49) indicates;  Horseman Rayshawn Askew broke Jerry Rice's pro football record for touchdown receptions.

Jon Favreau had a clip from the Iron Man movie at the San Diego ComicCon this past weekend.  I got to see it before it was taken down;  it looks incredible.  Again, Robert Downey, Jr., would never have entered my mind as Tony Stark, but now I can't see anybody else.  In the clip, the armors look incredible - there are three distinct suits, starting with the cobbled-together Gray Armor, a quick shot of a red-and-gold, and then a flight sequence with another red-and-gold suit playing follow-the-leader with a pair of F-22s.  Quick shot of Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane, and Avi Arad confirmed rumors that Samuel L. Jackson and Hilary Swank will have cameos as Nick Fury and Natasha Romanov, respectively.  Also, Audi has gotten in on the promotions for the movie - Stark's ride is a R8.

Have handed off the Viking Hat for a while again.  I'm going to spend a few weeks working up something of a setting guide for The Effect.  It has suffered from a lack of direction and definition.  Aaron M's going to take over running in the interim, and I am certain that the game is in good hands, quite possibly even better than mine.

Only ten years after it was released, I finally bought (and read, even, to my shame) Kingdom Come, mostly to prep for the upcoming "Thy Kingdom Come" arc in JSA, wherein the KC Superman appears for a while.

17 days until GenCon.
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No icky spider dreams last night.  So very happy with that.  Didn't get enough sleep, but since I spent some time chatting with Erin last night, it's okay.

Tony Blair's stepping down in about 6 weeks, Al Sharpton proved once more to be a dumbass, and OJ Simpson, when trying to take a dinner break from Finding the Real Killers (TM) was tossed out of a hoity-toity steak joint in Louisville.  His lawyer is planning to play the race card, ignoring the fact that Michael Jordan and his party were being taken care of a couple tables away.

Of course, the only things that Jordan's ever killed are NBA records and opposing teams' playoff hopes.  Might have something to do with it.

2-part season finale of Supernatural starts tonight.  Still a fine little show.  I should not be so caught up in a UPN/CW product, but good stuff comes from the strangest places.

Horsemen game this weekend.  Mom&Dad are bringing one of my aunts to this one, and I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm hoping they come up early enough to let me show my aunt some of Lexington, but, knowing my dad, there will be countless hours of pointless screwing around before they get on the road.

Oh - new avatar!
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Picked up this week's comics last night. 

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born
is terrific stuff, even if it's stuff I read ten years ago.  I'm getting to see Roland and Susan meet and fall in love again, and I know that the story is going to tear my heart out and stomp that sucker flat (with thanks to Lewis Grizzard), but it's terrific stuff.  The additional material included in each issue is worth the price of the comic - this month, it's the history of the Deschain guns, going back to Arthur Eld and his acquisition from somewhere of the Peacemakers through the melting down of Excalibur and the forging of its metal into new revolvers.

Omega Flight #1 (of 5).  I think I started getting interested in the Flights back in high school, when I read an article in Time about Northstar coming out.  I picked up a few issues here and there, but mostly followed the comic from afar.  This new series is a post-Civil War story, dealing with the formation of a new Canadian team to defend against the influx of supers coming over from the US.  I like it so far.

Iron Man: Hypervelocity #4 (of 6).  I love this in probably unhealthy ways.  A mostly-sentient suit of Iron Man armor running a copy of Tony's personality, fighting against an intelligent virus, on the run from SHIELD and getting caught up in a too-cyberpunk-for-school subculture of AIs, bots, and various and sundry mecha.

Tonight's the Horsemen home opener.  I have been waiting a good long while for this.  Before the game, though, some productivity is in order.  A little laundry, a lot of words.


Jun. 3rd, 2006 11:08 pm
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For the life of me, I can't figure out how the Rock River Raptors have been able to get the Horsemen's number so quickly this year.  The Horsemen haven't been able to get a lead on this team in either game, and tonight, the Raptors just ran the field.  They are, I think a much, much better team than their record shows.  The Horsemen drop to an 8-2 record on the season.  Still on top of the division, and the second-best record in the league.

Worked on the T2013 project today.  Roughed out the state of the world, and some of the history.  Much more work to be done, but I'm starting to believe in this again.

[Disclaimer:  I could stand to lose some weight.  Probably 35-40 pounds.  I am big.]  Observation upon entering Rupp for the game tonight:  We are a nation of lardasses.  I must do something about this for myself.  Those of you who have managed to drop weight, you have my admiration.

Another brief observation during the game led me to a good background process introspection.  Reaffirmed my knowledge of how incredibly lucky and blessed I am to have [profile] spykeetom in my life.  She has more than repaired the damage from a few years back.  She is encouraging and positive, and I am happier than I have words for.

36 days until she returns home.


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