Jan. 8th, 2017

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I'm a pretty lucky gamer. A big part of that is the number of game stores that can qualify for both the "friendly" and "local" descriptors.

There's The Louisville Game Shop, probably first among equals, even if it's the one I spend the least time at. The owner is an old buddy and the store has the best RPG selection around. The gaming space in the back is pretty tight, and the store closes up pretty early, but those aren't big quibbles. Colin's my guy.

Just up the street from the FLGS is my Friday night second home, Heroes Comics & Games. Heroes is the host location for our Star Wars gaming club, Outer Rim Heroes, and league night sees the cavernous store full of X-Wing and other Star Wars games, Nerd Louisville's Friday Night RPGs, and a bunch of folks playing Smash Brothers. Steve has an amazing collection of old games on his shelves; not so much on new or recent releases, though. Heroes is a great host store.

A stone's throw across the Bullitt line is Pet Shop Comics, the least local of the three, but it's hard to beat this one for friendliness. The owner, Rick, is retired Army, and a diehard New York Yankees fan, giving us material for lots of gentle ribbing during baseball season. PSC focuses heavily on minis games, and there are usually a number of folks painting and building at one of the tables there. Rick's got an excellent habit of running significant sales with very little notice and for a day, or just part of a day.

Related to all this, the new X-Wing league started Friday, and the first meeting for the Armada Corellian Conflict campaign was yesterday. I'm playing a Rebel fleet, starting with five small ships (corvettes and frigates) and a half-dozen squadrons. I first built a fleet around an MC80 variant, with the expectation (hope) of generating enough resource points over the course of the campaign to buy some smaller ships. I think I'll learn more by using the small ships and improving them as the campaign progresses.

As the Corellian Conflict is a no-fooling campaign, I expect a narrative of some kind to develop, and I'm thinking about using it as background material for my AoR game. Mention the Alliance offensive and its progress over in the Corellia Sector, and maybe have it influence missions and resources that the PCs see in Japrael Sector.


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