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UK won the Lexington regional, UofL beat 'em 2-0 to win the Louisville Super-Regional, and UofL Cardinal Baseball is going to the College World Series! I am thrilled. The first game is Sunday afternoon against Texas A&M - Go Cards!

As prep for Origins, and because I don't want to have to organize player schedules, I started soloing Pandemic Legacy. It's a damned good game, adding changing elements to the already excellent Pandemic. I can see this game becoming damn near unwinnable, but figure there have to be ways to overcome the COdA threat in the game's future. I'm of a mind to try and make a RPG setting out of the world at the campaign's end.

Today was my day for good deeds. Darryl V's raised the funds to replace his Ranger, and found a late-model Escape suitable for Uber/Lyft service. Dude's been dealing with some seriously rough times, and right now, I'm in a position to help out a little. So, got him from his apartment to the dealer, checked things out, all that, and he was able to buy the Escape.

This evening, Cassandra and her boyfriend got free from her conference, and we got together for dinner and catching up and introductions. I played tour guide, showing them some of my city's sights. Ken's a good dude, and they're getting married next summer. She's doubtless my favorite cousin, and we touched on some family history tonight - the uglier parts pertaining to our grandmother and that entire side of the family's ... acceptance or blindness or whatever regarding her abuse and hate and all of her awfulness. We are grandchildren and children of abuse, and we both have ended that cycle in our own ways.

Lighting out for Origins tomorrow afternoon. Lots of Pandemic variants on my on-duty schedule. Planning to meet up with Rebecca and Ben Saturday afternoon, and expect to cross paths with some other folks over the course of the con. Nothing on a shopping list - just going up to play games and see a new con and meet some new good people.
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Replaced the old Nokia yesterday - finally gave in to my rampant technofetishism and bought an iPhone. It is, in fact, a darned nifty piece of technology, and I've only barely begun to monkey around with it.

I would be much further along the iPhone's learning curve, but for a curious event last night. An old friend and I started zinging e-mails back and forth, then IMing, then phone calls. And we were on the phone together for a bit over six hours. Six hours. You know those people that were in your life way back when, but when you reconnect it's like the intervening time never happened? Yes. This. And over the course of the conversation, we opened up to one another, things going back to our teens, good, bad, ugly, involving ourselves and each other and other people, and I wound up spilling the entire godawful mess of S, from the first fleeting glance in 1988 to the final reciprocated contact attempt in 2005. We laughed and cried together. She told me her own heartbreaks and triumphs, and we joked and laughed. We finally called it a night around 6:30 this morning. Maybe meeting up this afternoon for more catching up and football and what-have-you.

I needed this. I've needed good exciting late-night conversation for a long, long time. I missed it more than I knew. This morning, I feel refreshed and somehow free of a millstone around my neck. I'm feeling darn good.

If only, y'know?


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