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The interview went well, I was offered the job, but after giving it an evening's thought, I turned it down. I can do better, especially for the summer, and probably will be doing so in the next week or so.

I almost went back to Louisville that evening. D called, having had a pretty rough day. We talked for a while, and again later in the evening, and things got onto a good-enough keel. But the talk led to something strange.

Nightmares hit Thursday night, and the worst involved me killing a friend. Not the more common lucid dreams - I was purely along for the ride. Woke up pretty scared. So, adrenaline from the nightmares plus concern about D plus having to scrub some other plans for Thursday evening at the last minute, and I had some kind of chemical soup going through me. I had this shell of civilized behavior over the strongest fight-or-flight-or-fuck state of mind I've felt in years, and some text messages and phone calls on Friday inadvertently added to that. Nothing worked to bring me down - I wrote, I drove, reconnected the PS2, went for a walk, etc., and it would not go away. I made things worse by going to Liberty, and the clutter there did a number on whatever strain of OCD that hits me from time to time. Came back home Saturday night, running less-traveled and more-interesting roads than the fastest, most direct route, stayed up until the wee hours trying to read before giving up and mixing a high-strength drink or two and letting that knock me out. Woke up on the couch late Sunday morning, having left bed sometime during the night, made myself take a shower, and watched hockey and handled some GenCon work all afternoon.

Monday, still some residual whatever-this-was in my system. Read, wrote, made some phone calls. Went to class - only one more session!

Going back to Louisville this evening, maybe sooner if I can get an appointment to check out an apartment. Not super-thrilled about the event that the date is centered on, and I won't be able to bail out, but it's only a couple of hours and the company will be good.


Aug. 30th, 2010 09:15 pm
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Saturday afternoon, I went to a fundraiser at the Louisville Zoo. Lots of food from local restaurants and producers, wineries, micro- and craft breweries. I don't drink beers and ales, and don't like most locally-produced wines, so I was able to get away with the less-expensive ticket. And was, of course, given the alcohol-indulging wristband when I got there. The event was a lot of fun - no small amount of people-watching, of course, and, to be honest, the main reason I went was to hang around with D for the first time since early May. She is quite happy with the new job, what with it being a better work environment, getting a raise, and being made full-time this week. Very good to see her.

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm on vacation this week. Not doing anything big; just relaxing and hoping to get some rejuvenation. I've done a bit of reading today, watched a few movies, and dealt with the results of not really sleeping at all last night.

Finally finished reading the books I got at GenCon. I now see the appeal of Savage Worlds, and the Space 1889: Red Sands book for SW was a very good read. Likewise Sunward, for Eclipse Phase. And if the first Pathfinder module in my subscription is any indication, I'm going to love this product line. It's that good mix of adventure and source material that I remember from the good ol' BECMI D&D days. In the next few days, I'll work up a document converting this to Fantasycraft, and see about getting a few game sessions underway.


Apr. 19th, 2010 07:00 pm
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My sleep schedule has gone right off the rails. Saturday morning, I woke up around 6:15 and could not go back to sleep. Couldn't even just lie in bed resting. Got up, tried to get my day started. Dozed off and woke back up in the early afternoon, missing a Feng Shui game I'd been looking forward to.

Sunday morning, I woke up stupidly early again, but was able to go back to sleep until 10:30 or so. D came into town a few hours later, and we went to Ramsey's for lunch, then went on a geocaching trip. Found four caches, I think, and while I really liked getting out and hiking around, the hunting-for-tiny-containers part was frustrating.
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I finally got out of town on Saturday. Went to Louisville to hang out with D, and it was, on the whole, a very good day. We indulged our craft nerd sides - she has a nifty new mug and I got some new cheeses from a local dairy. Shopping on Bardstown Road, including throwing some money at Ear X-Tacy, 'cause if there's any music store that deserves to stay open, that one's it. Picked up a few back issues at The Great Escape. Dinner at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Went to a movie, and that's when the trouble started. I'll save you the squishy details, but my stomach went into open rebellion. I made it back to Lexington easily enough, but had a hallucination-grade fever by the time I hit Frankfort.

Sunday was spent dealing with the sick. Dehydrated, continued fever, headache, weakness. I'm hoping it was my peculiar food allergy (strawberries) kicking in rather than a virus of some kind. I took today off to rest up, and the symptoms seem to be gone now.

Oh, the movie? The Wolfman. Not bad - perfectly serviceable little popcorn flick.

Watched the Oscars last night for the first time in a few years. Ben Stiller's skit was embarrassingly bad (and really, who's surprised here?), and the dance program went on waaaaay too long. Happy enough with the results of the night, I guess.

Probably going to drop Daredevil from my comics list. Brubaker spoiled me, and the new guy's not bad, but the tight focus on Hell's Kitchen really worked for me, and that's now gone. I'm going to pick up the second monthly Iron Man title, of course, and probably the new Avengers title, too. DC's launching yet another LSH book, so that'll get added. That'll put me at 5 DC and 3 Marvel titles a month, at least for a while. Unexpected.

Started my Community Emergency Response Team course last week, and I really like it. I like being back in a classroom, learning something new. Stagnation sucks rocks, kids.

Hopefully getting back to the Hollow Earth Expedition game Wednesday night. And I'm running a Traveller one-off in a couple of weeks. Gotta get cracking on that one.
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We got some snow. Two, three inches, and I don't think we've seen temps above freezing since New Year's Day. A few flurries today, but no further accumulation. Roads are clear and dry now, and the remaining snow is very pretty.

The wildcard playoff games were interesting. The Jets knocked Cincy out; Dallas put a real hurt on the Eagles, and Baltimore did the same to the Patriots. Arizona beat Green Bay in overtime, in what I think was the highest-scoring post-season game ever.

Met up with D for dinner and coffee last night. A few hours of good conversation, working out plans to maybe head off to Savannah and Tybee Island next month. It depends on her work schedule, but we're hopeful. She's good company.


Jan. 1st, 2010 04:50 pm
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Previous friend-locked post? Times a thousand.

Got out of the office around 1:30, but D couldn't leave the clinic early, as they had an emergency surgery come in. We got together shortly after she got to town. Late dinner, then up until an ungodly hour talking. Got together for breakfast this morning and then watched the Auburn-Northwestern game. Good times.

Doing some writing this afternoon, maybe getting out for a while this evening.

Currently reading Spin State, by Chris Moriarty. Recommended.

I'm feeling quite good, and still have an entire normal weekend ahead. RoXXor.


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