Apr. 16th, 2017

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(Disclaimer: not actually in Memphis)

The end of the semester is closing in quickly; sometimes it feels like I'm rocketing towards the horizon, sometimes it feels like the ground is rushing up to greet me. I missed one assignment in my last entry - a short presentation on the 25th. And that's the end, one way or another.

Star Wars Celebration is going on. Well, I guess it just wrapped up this afternoon. Some friends went, and posted up plenty of pictures. We got teasers for the fourth and final season of Rebels and for The Last Jedi. Despite having only seen one episode of Rebels this season, I'm as excited about the upcoming season as I am the next movie. Rebels has done some great storytelling over its run, and despite its home on DisneyXD, it hasn't been dumbed down.

Steve J was in town this weekend, and we got to catch up over dinner and drinks. Despite being exiled to Paducah, he's doing pretty well. I wasn't aware that I needed a night out like that. For the past couple of years, most of my socialization has been with the cohort or gaming, and while that's by no means bad, I guess I needed something else.

Today, storms. Thunder woke me up around 5AM today, and, having no real need to get up so early, I spent a couple of hours lying in bed watching the flashes of lightning and listening to thunderclaps and rain pelting my bedroom windows and awnings. Really nice. Three more storm fronts blew through over the course of the day. Lots of rain. Some heavier weather to the east, based on Facebook postings. Our weather was a good backdrop to homework. Good progress.


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