May. 30th, 2017

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As a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, I'm obligated to dislike, and even wish ill upon, the San Francisco Giants. I give Hunter Pence a pass, because he was a Lexington Legend and was really cool to my niece and my then-girlfriend. Yesterday, a Giant relief pitcher, Hunter Strickland, hit Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper in the hip, probably in revenge for Harper hitting two home runs off of him in 2014. Harper, who has something of a temper, charged the mound, and in proper baseball tradition, the dugouts cleared. The Giants didn't seem all that eager to back up their pitcher, best displayed by Buster Posey's clear refusal to get between Harper and Strickland - usually, the catcher is the first to defend the pitcher from a batter's wrath. So, yeah, there was a brawl, and some of Strickland's teammates bodily carried him back to the dugout. Strickland managed to swing at some of those teammates, including the aforementioned Hunter Pence. Suspensions and fines are in the offing, hopefully pretty severe ones for Strickland - dude's a relief pitcher, so a 5-game penalty isn't going to mean anything.

Baseball, y'all.

UofL baseball is hosting a NCAA regional round again, starting on Friday the 2nd. UK's hosting, too, and if both teams come out of their regionals, UK comes here for the Super Regional round. Pretty darn cool, especially considering this state's general madness for basketball over everything else.


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